Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Watch Seattle Thrillers Perform Michael Jackson's Thriller via Free Live Stream

The "Seattle Thrillers"will simultaneously perform Michael Jackson's Thriller dance this Saturday in Occidental Square. The zombies will march to Occidental Park at 2:30 and start dancing at 3:00 p.m. This once-a-year event is not to be missed! But if you can't make it down -- be sure to tune in to our free live stream of the event right here on Xanaland! We'll be on hand and maybe even join in from the sidelines!

If you need a little practice before you go down:

Live Performance Page Here 

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Watch Vaudeville Etiquette Perform At Seattle's Great Wheel for the New Waterfront Festival

Seattle stays classy for an end of summer festival on the waterfront to show support for local businesses who will likely suffer while construction is being done for the next two years. The finale and highlight was the very first synchronized light show, set to the the music of Vaudeville Etiquette. Now this just happens to be one of Xanaland's very favorite Seattle bands, so needless to say, we were delighted to get this amazing video of the event. Enjoy -- and remember, there are some historic stores that have long given Seattle its charm on the waterfront, not to mention the best blues bar in Seattle, Highway 99 Blues Club, right across from The Great Wheel. So be sure to show your support throughout this tough season of construction on the seawall. 

Vaudeville Etiquette~

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol on the Evening News via Wifey

Andy and his superstar educate the American public in this CBS segment on underground filmmaking "It isn't really big business yet, but some filmmakers are able to make a living from their work". Truer words. See the whole clip :.Here

Update For News Blog on Xanaland!

Hey friends and followers on Xanaland. As you may have noticed some of the blogs have not been worked on for a while.
The good news is that it's because we're too busy filming, live streaming and in general having fun in our amazing local music and artist community of Seattle!
Currently the Xanaland blog 'main page' has turned out to be the best place to direct all our traffic and it's also easier to find on one Facebook page:
We would love for this blog to continue to engage our community with fun local news from the Northwest Region with just a bit of worldwide music, art, entertainment and media news. With this in mind all the live stream notices, local interviews and important or super interesting articles get immediate attention!
So alas, until we're able to hire more monkeys to manage all the pages/blogs, We have decided to use this for sort of a "from around the web" page/blog. So if you don't like to be directed to other sites, this may not be the page for you!
I will try my hardest to keep it free from sites that favor Kim Kardashian stories and more directed to Rolling Stone online and other respected art/music/etc sites. Input and comments are welcome -- especially if you're getting directed to an unpleasant place!

333 lots of love to you all!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Watch The Thrown Epps with Mark Arm Tonight Via Free Live Stream!

I just hope he can forgive me for not having my eyebrows on last time I saw him at the post office! I mean really, it's right in the "Grunge Rule Book" that Xana is to remain forever looking like "'90s Xana."  Sheesh what a slacker I am, tisk tisk. I sure hope streaming this and filming it for our little grunge time capsule here will make up for my makeup failures! Join us tonight at The Central Tavern for what's sure to be a fun show -- it's free and it's a dark drizzly day -- what better time to head into downtown Seattle and watch Mark Arm jump around and scream a little?! I would like to thank John Leighton Beezer from The Thrown Ups, Jeffrey Smith of Mr. Epp, and Lilith Kemnitz of The Central Tavern for coming together and bringing this joyous reunion to fruition. Also on stage tonight is Joe Smitty, Ed Fotheringham, Scott Schickler, Michael Falhauber, plus special guests! 

To watch the free live stream go to our 'Live Performance' page right here on Xanaland 

link to show event page on Facebook 

Live stream brought to you by Shine Music Project and generously provided by Streambox 

Friday, July 11, 2014

West Seattle Street Fair Starts Off Splendid with Vaudeville Etiquette

I just know that in another life I was a circus performer of some sort. I feel oddly comfortable with all sorts of performers, and today I hit gold getting a few minutes with Seattle's Vaudeville Etiquette, a new folk rock band that's been making steady and strong steps in the local music scene as well as touring the West Coast to support their new album, Debutantes & Dealers. 

Bradley Laina is quickly becoming 
one of my favorite singers in Seattle. 
Be sure to check out their Facebook 
page for other upcoming festivals they're
playing at this summer. 

Tayler Lynn sings, plays the accordion, and shakes the 
tambourine like a pro... but her real talent lies in 
her mastery of bringing the sexy back to bazooka playing!  

Bryce Gourley of Vaudeville Etiquette 

The multi-talented string musician, Matt Teske 

 For more information on Vaudeville Etiquette, 
you can go to their Facebook page on the following link: 

The West Seattle Street Fair runs all weekend. I noticed how mellow yet busy it was -- clean, yet full of tasty looking food, and the music -- perfect! 

Vaudeville Etiquette performing 
"Devil's Daughter"

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

See The Mothership at Hempfest 2014

As always, I stand by my humble yet highly valued opinion that The Mothership's new CD, Bright Side of Dimis one of the best hard rock albums to ever come out of Seattle. They are here to stay, like those pesky aliens we keep seeing in Belltown! (You know who you are) Hempfest Seattle runs 3 days, and starts Friday the 15th. So come on down, it's free! The Mothership takes the stage at 2:00 p.m. sharp! 

Shine Music Project is happy to provide a free live stream for this event. Check our calendar on our main page to see our live filming and streaming schedule, here on Xanaland

Here's a handy map of Hempfest 2014 

Buy The Mothership's Bright Side of Dim on i tunes now!