Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Breaking up is hard to do

What Does the Mars Volta Breakup Mean for At The Drive-In?

Last night, in a flurry of Twitter activity, Cedric Bixler-Zavala dissolved The Mars Volta. Bad news for people who couldn't get enough of the band's aggressively knotty, seemingly endless freak-out suites.
(I mean, they put out six albums, and each was like a thousandminutes long and had made-up nonsense words in its title, so you'd think six would be enough. But, you know, to each his own.) Good news for people who like rock-and-roll infighting! Because, in the grand tradition of Bixler-Zavala's old band, legendary too-beautiful-for-this-Earth spazz-rock outfit At The Drive-In, The Mars Volta just went down in wondrously acrimonious fashion.
According to Bixler-Zavala, the issue was that his partner in crime, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, wasn't as committed to the Volta cause. See, Cedric wanted to tour after their last album, 2012's Noctourniquet, dropped, but Omar had a whole bunch of other bullshit — namely, a side project called Bosnian Rainbows — he was doing. A sampling of the pertinent tweets:

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