Thursday, February 21, 2013

Morrissey " In a Tiff " with Bowie

Morrissey has once again found himself in a public tiff with someone, only this time it's with someone he ostensibly admires: David Bowie. That's right, the Thin White Duke and the Pope of Mope are feuding, just like in your chubby goth cousin's creepy fanfic he tried to make you read over Christmas. Though unlike that, it's doubtful that this feud will end with sexy results.
Here's the gist: Moz wanted to use a previously unseen photo of him and Bowie from 1992 on the cover of his "Last of the Famous International Playboys" single reissue, due out on April 8th (along with his sophomore solo effort, Kill Uncle). For reasons not entirely clear, Bowie demanded that Moz's record label, EMI, not use the photo. And since Bowie has a long history with the label, they apparently have caved to Ziggy Stardust's demands.
Normally, this is the point in the story where Morrissey publicly responds with some sort of catty retort. However, the usually outspoken singer is currently in the hospital due to a bleeding ulcer and something called "Barrett's esophagus", so for once this charming man is in no condition to comment on Bowie's very public shade-throwing. In other news, this would be the perfect time for the British Royal Family to issue that statement they've had lying around about how much they love eating meat...

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