Sunday, February 17, 2013

Possibly the most adorable Metal Band in the World


Wondering what’s “big in Japan” these days?
Babymetal are three teenage Japanese idol singers, “graduates” of the Sakura Gakuin (さくら学院, or “Cherry Blossom Academy”). Think of it as an “idol school” including “class presidents” and stuff like that. Basically there are a bunch of differentgroups under the Sakura Gakuim banner, new members join, some move (“graduate”) into other group configurations, when they start to get “too old” they get pushed out, etc.
The main thing the girls have in common is their management, the Amuse talent agency, and that the various configuration of the Sakura Gakuin groups are all signed to Universal Music Japan.

But Babymetal, as the name implies, is something a bit different in the Sakura Gakuin idol stable: A marriage of the cutesy, catchy J-Pop sound with death metal!Hell kitties, not Hello Kitty, as you will see.
It’s the sort of thing that could only happen in Japan and we are all far better off for it.

Trust me, this WILL be the best thing you see all day… I find their videos a gazillion times more interesting than anything Matthew Barney has ever done. Especially this first one…

“Ijime,Dame,Zettai” (“No more bullying”)

A live version of “仮” (“Death”):

Unlike most J-Pop groups, Babymetal don’t continuously give their fans the peace sign, but they won’t give you the sign of the horns, either. For them it’s all about their very own (non-Satanic, I suppose) original “Fox sign” as explained in “My First HEAVY METAL in TOKYO 2012” trailer.

ド・キ・ド・キ☆モーニング (“Doki Doki☆Morning”):

Aleister X by way of Chris Campion and the All Music blo

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