Friday, March 29, 2013

A Six Year Old Boy. Underwater. Riding A Shark.

A six year old boy. Underwater. Riding a shark. what the what? water nature kids documentary
So what did you do when you were six? I played with Legos, watched a TV show called 3-2-1 Contact, and ate Trix cereal. That was pretty much my day-to-day. But this fearless child is on a road less traveled. His name is Enal and he lives with an Indonesian fishing community known as the Bajau Laut. In this photo captured by James Morgan, he swims with sharks in a penned off area underneath his home that rests on stilts in Wangi, Indonesia. Via the photographer’s web site:
Whilst few young children are now born on boats, the ocean is still very much their playground and whilst they are getting conflicted messages from their communities, who simultaneously refrain from spitting in the ocean and continue to dynamite its reefs, I still believe they could play a crucial role in the development of western marine conservation practices. Here Enal plays with his pet shark.
The next time I tense up watching my three-year-old son do something audacious in the park or walk out “too far” into the deeper end of the swimming pool, I think this image will seriously put things into perspective. Time to get some pet sharks. The photograph won theTelegraph’s 2010 Travel Photographer of the Year award. Seriously, look at that smile! (via lustik)

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