Sunday, March 31, 2013

British Cinema At It's Worst: Flesh Eating Transexual VS Psychotic Killer Bees

British film maker Ben Robinson has a wicked sense of humor and an amazing talent for re-creating the lysergic look of films by Dario Argento, Mario Bava (with Goblin-like soundtrack) and the tweedier, but equally bizarre, classic Hammer productions - particularly the ones with breasts and bongos.
Slash Hive and Trannibal, Flesh Feast are mock trailers for films that I only wish existed.

Now working as Benito Robinsini, Robinson has something newer and grander to assault the eyes and minds of film buffs: “the world’s first Arab sci-fi, musical, comedy, starring lounge singers Ahmed and Nahla, also known as ‘Topaz Duo’, fighting to save the world with music and love.”
This time around, Robinson has nailed the look of recent Bollywood and Kollywood sci-fi epics like Ra.One and Enthiran .
Mr. Robinson, you are a genius. Time for a feature length production, don’t you think?
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