Friday, March 1, 2013

Hell's Angels Documentary " Hide Your Kids Hide Your Wives ...and maybe even your dog!


It’s A Revolution Mother also known as Biker Babylon is a 1968 mondo documentary about bikers, peaceniks and hippies.
The motorcycle club that is the subject of this shocking expose is the New York-based Aliens. Some of the footage looks like it was shot on the Lower East Side near the Hell’s Angels’ headquarters on East Third St. But the Angels are much classier than this lot.
The hippie music fest looks like a low-rent Woodstock as imagined by Herschell Gordon Lewis -2000 Maniacs on acid. It took place somewhere in Florida. There’s no band footage, so it’s hard to tell exactly what festival this was. I guess the film makers didn’t have it in their budget to pay for any music licensing. The mud was free.
Beyond the lurid biker shit and anthropological shots of hippies in their natural habitat (swampland), what makes this ripe chunk of schlock worth watching is the hardboiled prose of the narrator. Sounding like a combination of Sgt. Joe Friday, Philip Marlowe and Raoul Duke, this guy is more fired up than an amphetamine-crazed frog on a hotplate.
Here are some highlights and lowlights from the end of the sixties.

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