Friday, March 8, 2013

Lenny Kravitz Looking Back On Love A Documentary

Lenny Kravitz's 2011 album Black and White America was the rocker's most personal, introspective album to date. The new documentary Looking Back on Love, out today, follows the recording process of Black and White America in the Bahamas and features extensive interviews with the singer-songwriter about his family and personal life.

"For me, it's about my life. It's about what I grew up in, what I know, what I feel comfortable in, the juxtaposition between the two," he says of the album's title in this exclusive clip. "It's also where we are today." Kravitz also reflects on the parallels between him and President Barack Obama. "This is my experience, and this is where America is right now, on the brink of, 'Is this happening? Is this not happening?'" he says. "This is really what's happening right now." Adding onto this, Kravitz sifts through memories of his parents, Sy Kravitz and The Jeffersons actress Roxie Roker. "They went through a lot to be together."

Looking Back On Love Official Poster
"Looking Back On Love", the brilliant documentary on the making of Lenny Kravitz's "Black & White America" album has officially been released on I-Tunes. The director Mathieu Bitton couldn't be happier.
"I am elated about the fact that the film is finally out. It's been a struggle to get it released but now I feel is the perfect time to - as the title suggests - look back on this amazingly rich experience."
"This film to me, is about the colors and characters of life, through a musical experience. It's a record of talent and travel. A fantasy for many that was a laborious work of love and passion for us. And the response I am getting has really made it worth the wait."
Mathieu Bitton  in his vinyl and poster storage in L.A., handling some of the records he's recently designed Photo: Polina Rabtseva
"I'm happy people are finally seeing the level of Lenny's talents and the multi-instrumentalist and funny and wise man he is."
So far, the doc has reached #5 on I-Tunes sales as Bitton is hoping for a DVD release later this year, possibly a Director's Cut version.
Bitton is staying quite busy as he is working on the 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of "Are You Gonna Go My Way" and is working of his first retrospective show and catalog with Bui Gallery at a John Lautner mansion in LA Feb. 18th.
Lenny Kravitz, Herman Leonard, & Mathieu Bitton During Filming Of "Looking Back On Love" Photo: Stephen Smith
Along with that, Mathieu's official web sites and will launch Feb. 15th. He also designed the just released Teena Marie "Beautiful" album and the Marvin Gaye "Trouble Man" 40th Anniversary expanded deluxe edition.
If that isn't enough, he is planning to bring the film to festivals in china, India, Europe and around the US and has a feature story he shot of Raphael Saadiq in the next issue of Rolling Stone Russia.  He shot videos and stills for campaigns with Lenny such as Eleven Paris and the NFL.
Upcoming projects include James Brown 50th Anniversary Best of Live at the Apollo and a new Jane's Addiction record.   Mathieu is an artist on the rise.-DocFB
Here is a look !

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