Monday, March 18, 2013

The New Bowie T Shirts Are Here!

Oh good, because I only have 5 Bowie T Shirts, better have at least one for each day of the week!

David Bowie has teamed with designer Paul Smith for a new T-shirt celebrating his new album The Next Day. The shirt features "discreet" Paul Smith artwork designed by Jonathan Barnbrook, and takes inspiration from the cover for Bowie's 1977 album Heroes. It's just one of many planned collaborations between Bowie and Smith this year.
"David Bowie has worn a lot of Paul Smith throughout his career and I was excited and delighted when asked if I would do the official T-shirt for his album, The Next Day," Smith told the U.K. edition of Vogue. "There will also be some other great things coming up later in the year."
The David Bowie and Paul Smith shirt will be available March 7th on Smith's websiteThe Next Day, Bowie's first studio album in ten years, is out March 12th, and streaming now on iTunes.

and the new song!

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