Saturday, March 9, 2013

William S. Burroughs Shooting At T Shirts For No Good Reason

Seriously not for someone who does not have 3 minutes to waste. As an artist must say I think some take the ' no rules in art' thing too far. Of course I hate the sound of gunfire so this was bound to annoy the shit out of me. Here for your viewing non pleasure, is a 3 minute video of William S. Burroughs shooting holes in t shirts with his own likeness.

 Talk about shameless self promotion! there is also an earlier video with the same silly activity, I think one should stick to what they are best at, for him, writing. Still it's a little amusing to see him in this Benjamin Button faze of his life, the ultimate Peter Pan who refuses to grow up, but alas is almost ready to re enter the womb of the universe....

Here's the older one....

Then there is this, apparently he was not a Shakespeare fan.....

More ' Classic Burroughs ' see what I mean, now this is something he knows about!

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