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Elderly Couple Faces Harrassment Charges For Vengefully Blasting Iron Maiden

An unnamed elderly Swedish couple—the woman is 71 and her husband is a decade older—face charges of harassment for blasting Iron Maiden’s “Afraid To Shoot Strangers” in an act of retaliation against their noisy neighbors.
Apparently the brouhaha all started when the elderly couple noticed an annoying “whistling noise” that kept them awake at night coming from thier neighbor’s home. The woman said, “We wanted to give them a taste of their own medicine.”
So what’s one to do when faced with an annoying whistling sound at night? Why place a sound system on your porch, face the speakers directly at your neighbor’s house, and play the fuck out of Maiden, right?
According to police, a second sound system was found in the basement, also pointed next door.
Man, I wish there was a picture of these two! I’d love to see ‘em!
Via WFMU on Twitter and Classic Rock Magazine
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Brass In Pocket: The Pretenders Live In Germany 1981

Speaking of thee great Chrissie Hynde, here she is with the original line-up of The Pretenders (James Honeyman-Scott on lead guitar and keyboards; Pete Farndon on bass; Martin Chambers on drums) live on Rockpalast in 1981.
Set List:
1.The Wait
2. The Adulteress
3. Message of Love
4. Talk of the Town
5. English Roses
6. Birds of Paradise
7. Kid
8. Stop Your Sobbing
9. Private Life
10. Jealous Dogs
11. Day After Day
12. Up the Neck
13. Tattooed Love Boys
14. Bad Boys Get Spanked
15. Precious
16. Brass in Pocket
17. Mystery Achievement
I saw The Pretenders around this time and this is a pretty good approximation of what that experience was like. PLAY IT LOUD!

(And just for the hell of it, here’s a set by Pretenders tribute band, Tattooed Love Boys)
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Chrissie Hynde’s advice to chick rockers
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Monday, April 29, 2013

Patty Smith's Advice To Artist


Patti Smith’s advice to the young (and not-so-young) artists:
“Build a good name. Keep your name clean. Don’t make compromises, don’t worry about making a bunch of money or being successful.

Classic Disney Cartoon Scenes and the Real Life Characters That Inspired them

Redditor jamieleto posted a fun series of classic Disney cartoons where a technique called rotoscoping was used (before computers, natch).

A Dancing Octopus? Only MUSE Can Get Away With This Kind of Shenanigan on the Street's of Tokyo!

There's not much of a discernible plot to Muse's new video for "Panic Station":

Beastie Boys Writing A Memoir

The Beastie Boys are planning a memoir commemorating their music and career, but it won't be a The New York Times reports.

Cookie Monster Singing " Hell Broke Loose " by Tom Waits!

A tad NSFW due to some F-bombs.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Goodbye George Jones: A Country Legend Passes Away

With a quicksilver warble that captured the devastation of bad love George Jones defined country music like no other singer in the 20th century. Jones' voice was instantly identifiable, a fluid and expressive thing that famously prompted Frank Sinatra to call him "the second best singer in America." Jones lived as hard as the songs he sang, a dedicated drinker and tempestuous partner who was married four times, finally finding redemption and lasting love in his final decades. The Saratoga native - who cut his teeth in Beaumont and cut his earliest singles in Houston - died Friday. He was 81. He had been hospitalized since April 18 recently with an illness.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Ultimate Hippy Turned Retro Hipster Mobile: 1947 Cadillac Tricked Out With Hookah, Shower, and Washing Machine

Here’s Louie Mattar’s trick-out 1947 Cadillac which was featured in a LIFE article dated March, 1952. The car featured a hookah, shower, washing machine, kitchen sink, microphone and little weenie roaster in the back seat.
It took Louie more than 4 years to modify his pimpin’ Caddy and cost him around $14,000.
The hookah alone was worth it! Well done, Louie!
See more photos at LIFE.

Via Boing Boing
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Looks Like Bender, Must Be Bender..Oh Wait! It's A Woodburning Stove!

Bender Woodstove
UK-based engineer Rob “Halftroll” Hall built a custom wood-burning stove portraying Bender, a fictional robot character from Futurama. You can check out his entire build process online.
A short while ago I moved to a new workshop and the cooler evenings had me thinking about making a decent size woodstove, a few days later while watching Futurama and drunk as a skunk an idea came to me. Three weeks later, 5 gas bottles, 5kg of welding wire, 90 litres of CO2, various bits of steel mostly 1.2mm sheet, plenty of plasters and copious amounts of alcohol this is what I ended up with.
Here is a video by Rob showing his custom Bender stove in action.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Epic Stoner Fail! Cops Confiscate The Biggest Joint Ever. Fact, Not Opinion.

Police confiscate a 2.5lb doobie at Porter Meadows during the annual UC Santa Cruz campus-wide smoke out on 4/20.
According to the YouTube description:
This is not staged, these cops were in fact confiscating this from the event.
It almost lived to see the day…
It would take a small army of Cheech and Chongs to smoke this fatty!
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EPIC Music Festival Fail ! Jimmy Kimmel Tricks People at Coachella Into Pretending They've Heard Bands That Don't Exist!

This is so fucking cringe-worthy funny. Painfully funny.
Some people in the YouTube comments are calling shenanigans on this ‘cause there’s no way someone could be that gullible. I have no idea, but it’s still good entertainment!

Via BuzzFeed
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Monday, April 22, 2013

French Chocolatier Makes A Chocolate Boat!

George Larnicol, a 55-year-old French chocolatier, managed to create and sail a 3.5-meter-long boat made of chocolate.
On Saturday, September 25, the walled city of Concarneau, in north-western France, hosted an event unique in the world – the launch of a full size chocolate boat. George Larnicol, the mastermind behind this crazy creation, first attempted to sail a chocolate boat on August 15, but the boat crumbled to pieces when turned over from where it was mounted. But one small failure wasn’t enough to make Larnicol quit, and on Saturday, he returned to Concarneau port, with a new chocolate boat named “Bateau Chocolat II” (French for Chocolate Boat II)
The 1.2-ton-heavy boat had a sugar framework, while the rest of it was made entirely of pure chocolate. It took Larnicol and his team one and a half months to complete, working eight hours a day, which adds up to a total of about 400 hours.
George Larnicol and a friend got in the chocolate boat and sailed in it for a bout an hour, waving proudly to the audience, and smiling the whole time. The attached electrical motor allowed the Bateau Chocolat II to reach a top speed of 15km/h.
Chocolatier George Larnicol, who owns a chain  of chocolate shops in western France, promised to build a giant 12 meter-long yacht, with two masts, made of 6 to 8 tons of chocolate, sometime in 2012. That’s going to be a sight to be hold, and you can bet you’ll read about it on Oddity Central.

Divinyls Singer Christina Amphlett Dies At 53

Christina "Chrissy" Amphlett--frontwoman for the Australian rock band the Divinyls, whose "I Touch Myself" went to number four on theBillboard Hot 100 singles chart in 1991--died Sunday at her home in New York. Amphlett was 53 years old.

Neil Diamond Surprises Boston With A Gift of Song!

Bostonians on Saturday were exhilarated with relief at the news that the deadly marathon bomber that put their city on lockdown was finally captured. In true American style, the town celebrated getting back to normal with a good ol' Red Sox baseball game--as well as a surprise performance from another national treasure, Neil Diamond.
The legendary entertainer flew into Boston and worked up the idea all of his own accord, asking if he could serenade Fenway Park with a live performance of his classic "Sweet Caroline"--which is the unofficial anthem of the team and played during every home-game eighth inning since 2002.
The enthusiastic crowd of 35,000 burst into roars of approval when the 72-year-old Diamond walked out on the field sporting a Boston baseball cap.
"What an honor it is for me to be here today!" answered Diamond. "I bring love from the whole country."
What followed was a buoyant sing-a-long fest, with the smiling Fenway Faithful dancing, waving American flags, and chanting "U.S.A! U.S.A!"

One of our favorite Neil Classics...

Have Sex, Save The World?! Happy Earth Day Hippi's! Let's F*ck In The Name of The Forest! Or At Least IN The Forest

WOW this film looks AMAZING! And NOT in the way that the creators intended!
Fuck For Forest is a new documentary following the titular eco-activist group FFF, who have a simple modus operandi: convince strangers on the streets of Berlin to film gonzo porn with them, which is then sold with all profits going to help save the Amazon rainforests. The movie makers travel with FFF to the wilds of South America to meet the people they aim to ‘help’, only to discover, unsurprisingly, that the locals are not enamored with their unique brand of spirituality (which seems to entail a lot of nudity.)
It sounds like it came from the mind of Sacha Baron Cohen, but alas, it’s real. Here is the Fuck For Forest group’s Wikipedia page, which states that they are the world’s first ‘eco-porn’ org.
In its first year of existence,[when?] the organisation’s website netted over $100,000 for rain forest protection through the sale of paid memberships. In their first six months of existence the group received seed funding from the government of Norway. They are the world’s first eco-porn organization.However, the organisation’s unorthodox methods have made it difficult to distribute the money it makes. The Norwegian chapter of the Rainforest Foundation Fund as well as the WWF both in the Netherlands and in Norway have refused to accept donations from FFF. As a result, Fuck for Forest is working on a project to work directly with indigenous communities in Costa Rica and the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.
The film has just gotten a very limited cinema release in the UK, and the reviews have not been good. In fact, it was a damning review by the Guardian that seemed to imply unintentional hilarity that really piqued my interest, making me seek out the trailer and to place it immediately on my “to see” list.
Seriously, check out the additional footage in that Guardian video review after you watch the trailer, it has me wondering if Fuck For Forest is the damning, hilarious portait that this “eco-punk” (or neo-hippy, crusty, whatever you want to call it) scene has always needed?
Fuck For Forest [NSFW]

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He " Did The Things" Woodstock Legend Richie Havens Passes Away At 72

Folk singer and guitarist Richie Havens, who opened the 1969 Woodstock music festival, died Monday at age 72, his talent agency, the Roots Agency, reports. His family says Havens died of a heart attack, and that a public memorial will be announced later.

Mac Millers Reality show Is Secretly Great, And You Should Play This Drinking Game Along To It

Mac Miller—or at least the Mac Miller on Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family—lives a charmed life. Everything centers around him, everyone follows what he says, and the idea of “not possible” does not exist. Wish fulfillment is the number-one goal for Miller’s show, and the final effect is more the viewer’s amazement that this is someone’s life at all, rather than frustration that this particular life belongs to Mac Miller.
The show’s humor is mainly driven by Miller’s youthful naiveté, as opposed to his successes as a rapper. Mac says he will go get a cold shot only after knowing Frank Ocean has one; he and his manager Quentin go shopping for fishing equipment and wonder what would Kanye would wear. The humor is never mean or directed at anyone in particular, so it feels like watching a lot of weird in-jokes between friends that become funnier the more you get to know them.
This carefree and undangerous diegesis does undermine some attempts at real world seriousness. In the second episode, Mac attempts to throw an “End of the World” party, but it gets shut down by the police. There is no explanation for why the cops show up; they simply appear and quickly leave and the party resumes, as if nothing happened.
The final episode of Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family comes out tonight on MTV at 11:30 EST. In a show where the protagonist is able to buy whatever he wants and seems to be in constant state of wondering what to do for fun next, is there more for the viewer to do with the show than project their own fantasies and delusions? Well, you could drink along to it. Drink whenever one of the following things happens on the season finale ofMac Miller and the Most Dope Family.




Noisey Vs. Metalsucks: Why Megadeath Still Rocks

Welcome to our newest column, Point/Counterpoint, where we prove to the rest of the Internet that we are smarter and more right than any other editorial outlet on planet earth. We know these dudes who run a metal site called MetalSucks that people seem to like, so we challenged them to an editorial cagematch. The rules were simple: two blogs enter, one blog leaves. This week we're facing off over the credibility of Dave Mustaine and Megadeth, who we believe to be fucking awesome. For some reason, MetalSucks doesn't agree with us. You can read their wholly illegitimate response right here.

Walking Papers Hit UPROAR Festival!

                                                                                                          Photos by Marc Wong 

Yes, all our dreams are coming true in Seattle! Well, at least mine and The Bee Charmers! ( our ' pet name' for Jefferson Angel is " The Bee Charmer")

San Francisco Street Fair 1959: Rare Film of Wallace Berman And Occult Artist Majorie Cameron

Spencer Kansa, author of Wormwood Star: The Magickal Life of Marjorie Cameron, writes:
Towards the end of my research for the original version ofWormwood Star, I managed to track down the master copy of Ed Silverstone Taylor’s film of Cameron entitled San Francisco Street Fair 1959, to the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. I impressed upon the archivist there, Jon Shibata, what a valuable document the film was of Cameron’s life and he thankfully agreed and said he would look into obtaining funds to have the film digitally transferred. Well, that funding came through at the end of last year, and the film has just been uploaded on to their website.
The film also features Wallace and Shirley Berman and Cameron’s daughter, Crystal.
It’s very likely that this is the first time that San Francisco Street Fairhas been seen publicly for nearly 40 years. The last time it was shown was at the benefit for Cameron held at the Cinema Theatre back in 1964 which, as you’ll remember, turned into a debacle when Kenneth Anger and a couple of biker goons turned up and stormed the projection booth to grab the copy of Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome that had been screened that evening.
Wormwood Star, Kansa’s Cameron biography will soon be re-published in a new edition containing fresh eyewitness accounts of the above referenced night at the Cinema Theatre, as well as rarely seen images of Cameron and Jack Parsons.
The description of the film from the Pacific Film Archive Film and Video Collection:
This edited Ektachrome home movie with professional titles documents a 1959 street fair, upper Grant Avenue, San Francisco—the center of Beat culture. The film includes shots of filmmaker Dion Vigne and his wife Loreon, artist and occultist Marjorie Cameron, and artist Wallace Berman, displaying and selling their art works.

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Austin Osman Spare: Chaos Magick Icon's 1925 " automatic " Drawings Go Up For Sale On EBAY!

Uh… WOW. Just… wow. You see incredible stuff coming up for auction every single day on eBay, of course, but this is something extra, extra special: twelve drawings—twelve really good ones, too—in a sketchbook by the “divine draftsman” of the occult, British artist Austin Osman Spare, a contemporary and ‘frenemy’ of Aleister Crowley.
Executed between April and May 1925, ‘A Book of Automatic Drawings’ is Spares most highly finished early sketchbook. Created in what was a particularly dark and turbulent period of his life, the books comprises twelve full page drawings and four pages of calligraphic titles, signatures and other devices.
Originally produced for publication, but due to the high costs of printing and the failure of his magazine ‘The Golden Hind’ it was sold unpublished to Spare’s great patron Pickford Waller. After his death in 1930 the sketchbook passed to his daughter Sybil. The book remained in her collection until the late 1960s, when it was then placed in auction. The book then reappeared in the early 1970s in a Hammersmith Gallery where it was then purchased jointly by Roy Curtis-Bramwell and Ian Kenyur-Hodgkins. Together they arranged a reproduction of the work (which unfortunately never did the sketchbook much justice), where the book went next is unknown, but it was purchased by a private collector in the early 1980s and remained in his collection.
Three days left on the auction.

Thank you kindly, Alex Burns!
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For purchase information: http://www.weiserantiquarian.com/Aos_Auto_Homepage/

Only in Telluride! Girl Takes " Magic Mushrooms" And Then Get's " Chased " By Giraffe

I have had some strange things happen in Telluride, but this takes the cake! 
Apparently in Telluride on Friday, a young female skier reported that she ran into someone on the slopes who was selling bags of " Portabello" mushrooms dipped in chocolate for $30.00. This was reported by her grandmother who added that her granddaughter had also said that after eating the magic chocolate mushrooms, she later got chased by a giraffe sown the ski slopes! 

She couldn't stop, she was addicted to the shindig! 

Noisey Presents A Stream of ' Mosquito ' The New Album by The Yeah Yeah Yeah's!

Whether you landed here because you missed our Yeah Yeah Yeahs Listening Party or you just want to hear Mosquito again (we can't blame you), you're in the right place! You'd probably rather just get to listening to the album than read boring old words, so we'll keep this brief: stream Yeah Yeah Yeahs' latest masterpieceMosquito below with track-by-track commentary from Karen, Nick, and Brian themselves, preorder the albumhere, and keep an eye out for its official release on April 16 via Interscope. 

Watch IO Echo's Dazzling New Interactive Video For " Ministry of Love "

Io Echo just can't seem to keep themselves to themselves. Extending their branches from the music world to the fashion world, and now, to the arts-tech world, Ioanna Gika and Leopold Ross are two of the most exciting creative personalities right now, and their 80s-tinged electro-pop project is fast becoming one of our favorite acts.
Ioanna and Leopold have teamed up with Barnaby Roper, Hector Muelas, Ricardo Viramontes, and Eduard Prats Molner (the dev lead behind Arcade Fire's groundbreaking experiential video for "We Used to Wait") to bring us these riveting new interactive visuals for "Ministry of Love." Remind you of the Architect surveying the Matrix? You're not far off; the video was born out of the concept of Orwellian surveillance, with the idea that the audience could control the band from a series of "rooms." Unsettling? A bit. Absorbing? That's an understatement. 

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What could Possibly Go Wrong? Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young Release 1974 Live Album In August

After years of work, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young are finally gearing up to release a live album from their 1974 reunion tour. "It's going to come out August 27th," Graham Nash tells Rolling Stone. "It's going to fuckin' stun people. We only multi-tracked eight or nine shows from the tour, and we've chosen the best from those gigs. We've had to do a little tuning, but not that much . . . But the spirit of the band! If I take myself out the band and look at it, it was a fuckin' great band."

33 Amazing Examples of Recycling!

This is just the beginning, see here some things you never thought were possible! 
Naturally we have included some viewing music....

Little Bub and Friendz Documentary Explores Why The Internet Loves Cats

Thursday night outside a Chelsea theater, Lil Bub – one of the world’s most famous cats – crouched on the red carpet for the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Lil Bub and Friendz. Paparazzi lined a police barricade, reporters extended microphones and cell phone cameras clicked. Lil Bub’s alien-like cartoon eyes were unfazed by flashes, her tongue extended over her toothless, chinless grin and underdeveloped limbs limited her movement to a military crawl. "So she’s just a very very strange looking thing," Juliette Eisner who produced and co-directed the doc told Rolling Stone. "And I think that’s why people gravitate towards her, because they just can’t take their eyes off her when they see her."

Dave Grohl Reflects On Inducting Rush Into The Hall of Fame

After inducting Rush into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and rocking with them onstage, Dave Grohl and fellow Foo Fighter Taylor Hawkins reflected on the experience with Rolling Stone backstage at L.A.'s Nokia Theatre. 

A Whom Do You Hang With Map Of America

Look at the center of this map, at the little red dot that marks Kansas City. Technically, Kansas City is at the edge of Missouri, but here on this map it's in the upper middle section of a bigger space with strong blue borders. We don't have a name for this bigger space yet, but soon we will.

Happy Birthday You Sexy Beast! Iggy Pop Turns 66!

Here is some of our favorite Iggy moments and songs! 

Predator Motorcycle Helmet: Who Cares If You Own A Motorcycle!

predator motorcycle helmets
Posted on: April 19th, 2013 

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I don’t own a motorbike (though when I did I crashed it repeatedly, hence the ‘why’), but that’s not really a big factor in my desire to own this sweet ass PredatorMotorcycle Helmet. I’d be happy enough to wear this round the garden, climb into a pair of fishnets and mount an illegal laser cannon on my shoulder just to bother the neighbors. Now if only we had cloaking technology an my dream would be complete!
Here’s the specs below:
Predator Helmet from NLO MOTO costs $780 and is built on an actual motorcycle helmet so it’s properly safety rated, but has been enhanced with a sculpted outer shell, a dreadlocks mullet, and even a tri-laser scope. Optional add-ons include a carbon fiber outer shell, tiny metal spears on the ends of the dreadlocks, and even a hyper-realistic airbrushed finish. Not exactly the cheapest buy, but a quick flutter on www.partybingo.com might help, if like me, you’re completely Skint Eastwood most of the time.
Below are the main helmet and a few variants. Check em out:

Other customized versions include:

And you can’t buy these ones, but f**k they’re awesome!

Source: Geekologie

Happy Birthday Iggy Pop!

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Ike And Tina's Not So Subtle Reference To Sex: Art? Or Just Too Much Cocaine?

Tina in whiteface
In spite of Ike Turner… well, being a bastard, Ike and Tina are one of my favorite duos of all time (Fool in Love, anyone?). It’s a pity amazing albums like this (and their super-subversive artwork) are overshadowed by… you know… him being such a piece of shit human being. This biting little piece of minstrelsy satire is from the 1968 album Outta Season. It’s rumored that the album art was created as a response to the ongoing capitalization on black artists by white music industry honchos (That’s probably more than a rumor!)
Ike Turner whiteface

Their skill at using startling images was only surpassed by their startling performances. My favorite track is Tina’s version of “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long,” and while the album version is fantastic, what they did with it live was absolutely insane. Here’s a 1971 live version with some of the most explicit (and in hindsight, very disturbing) dirty talk I have ever heard in a song—or at least a good song.
Just forget that he’s a wife-beater for a brief moment and enjoy the subversive imagery and pornographic bridge!
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