Monday, April 29, 2013

A Dancing Octopus? Only MUSE Can Get Away With This Kind of Shenanigan on the Street's of Tokyo!

There's not much of a discernible plot to Muse's new video for "Panic Station": Decked out in the most gloriously flamboyant duds, the English rockers wow the women of Tokyo with a suave, penetrating laser stare as a monster destroys the city by grooving to the outsized funk tune off the band's 2012 effort The 2nd Law.

 Eventually Matthew Bellamy and his mates assemble and makes their way to the titular panic station, which turns out to be the weirdest club man you've ever seen, complete with a dancing octopus, a day-glo tank, a giant animatronic woman and – because why not at this point – a Tyrannosaurus rex. Did anyone ever stop the monster that was wreaking havoc outside?

One of Xanaland's very favorite bands! 

* Story courtesy of Rolling Stone * 

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