Saturday, April 20, 2013

Salvador Dali's Hologram Portrait Of Alice Coopers Brain


Atlanta, Georgia’s High Museum Of Art is showcasing an exhibit of Salvidor Dali’s later work. Included in the exhibit is a piece from 1973 called “First Cylindric Chromo-Hologram Portrait of Alice Cooper’s Brain” which…
[...] depicts a three-dimensional Alice Cooper wearing two million dollars worth of jewelry including a tiara and necklace while holding a statuette of Venus De Milo as if it were a microphone. A plaster sculpture of Alice’s brain, topped by a chocolate éclair covered in ants, another Dalí oeuvre, was placed behind the cross-legged rock star and the set-up was documented by Dalí using (then) cutting-edge hologram technology.
Dali was an Alice Cooper fan and it was after seeing the band perform live in 1973 that he invited Alice to sit for the hologram project. The Dali/Cooper connection certainly makes sense considering both men were ‘shock artists’ and each of them, in their era, were known for producing gruesome good fun, from Dali’s riot inducingAn Andalusian Dog to Cooper’s decapitated baby dolls, dancing teeth and guillotine.

Post courtesy of Mark Cambell of Dangerous Minds * 

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