Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What's This? Prince Has Gone Grunge! How Delightful!

With a new band (3rdEyeGirl, featuring Canadian guitarist, Donna Grantis), a new tour and with, apparently, a new musical head space, Prince World is an interesting place to be these days.  His 35th album, Plectrum Electrum, will apparently be out later this year--and from what anyone can tell, it, well, rocks.
Check out this track "FixUrLifeUp."  The dude has gone grunge. Grunge-ish, anyway.  Will alt-rock radio have the guts to play this one? Will Prince change his name again, this time to something " grungy"?   And will Shawn Smith do the right thing and take Sancho the spider monkey to see Prince at The Showbox in Seattle so that they can simultaneously bask in the the ultimate purple aura?  All this and more revealed in time! For now POR FAVOR buy your Prince tickets on the Xanaland Neutral Cat News page, and part of the proceeds will go to our Shine Music Project! * Jimi Hendrix would be proud! * 

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