Friday, May 31, 2013

Brace Yourselves! The Seattle Sirens Are In Hollywood This Weekend!

Seen here on this weekends adventure are Angel Hanson Kimiko Anderson Kendra Marley and Christine Ann Kells 
There are more, but we only let them travel in small packs these days!

Let the festivities begin! 

Kiniko Anderson Angel Hanson and Colleen English

Famous for our Grunge bands but little known for our secret gems, meet the hard working and sexy Seattle Sirens! 

Up early and hard workers by day, they play hard and are famous for their matching an adorable ensembles, worn out and to add pizaz and fun to shows of great and even the worst Seattle bands! ( hey, anyone bad here is still better than any L.A. band, so feel lucky to have our most prized possessions in your sleazy city! )

Let's look at some of their photo's! 

Here they are on the Monsters of Rock Cruise 

Authentic from head to toe! Kimiko Anderson and Christine Ann Kells ( center ) 

And of course the matching bikini's! 

Coleen English, Kimiko Anderson, Angel Hanson, and Kathy Bell 

This one is my very favorite for obvious reasons, If I could I'd take you all to new Mexico with me for Fiestas! 

In Seattle's Pike Place Market Angel Hanson Kimiko Anderson Coleen English and Christine Ann Kells

Here's Christine and Kimiko recently at a Gene's Addiction show where they were honored by local musician and legend Joe Dredd! 

Gene's Addiction live at Studio 7 with Joe Dredd

Who's head to toe authentic 80's? The Seattle Sirens are! 

Kimiko Anderson and Christine Ann Kells 

They never need a reason to dress up but give them one and they are on it! 

Kathy Bell Angel Hanson and Christine Ann Kells 

Never misses a great show or a chance to support local music! 

Christine Ann Kells 

What would Joe do without The Seattle Siren's? He would be fucked! That's what! Ha! I tease my brother, but for real we love and need our sirens so please treat them like gold! 

Cheryl Rolcik-Wilcox Kimiko Anderson Joe Dredd Christine Ann Kells and Nikki Triplett

Have fun in Hollywood girls! We want our Emerald City Darlin's back home soon! 
* sniffle sniffle *

Here is a song for our Sirens

again,  * sniffle sniffle * 

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