Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Trent Reznor! Top 5 Videos In honor of His 48th Birthday!

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images
The incomparable fame of Nine Inch Nails. Golden Globe and Grammy wins for co-scoring with Atticus Ross David Fincher’s The Social Network.
Trent Reznor might be forty-seven years old today, thereby three years away from his fifties (and making all of us longtime Nine Inch Nails fans feel incredibly old), but the musical genius has aged gracefully and his success as an artist seems to increase as the years go on.
Granted, Reznor’s career wasn’t all just dark, provocative well-written songs, a mantle full of awards, and a gorgeous wife. There were some awesomely awkward moments, even ones where Reznor compared his hair to Skrillex’s current do.
Check out our top five Trent Reznor video moments of the musician throughout the years we’ve put together in honor of his special day.
Trent is adorable; can’t say his own name.

Joined by Marilyn Manson in this 1999 interview on MTV, Trent Reznor is “not going to say Limp Bizkit sucks,” but “you know it, I know it,” and “he’s not going to say it.” So basically he’s saying that Limp Bizkit sucks.

Reznor’s 1985 band Exotic Birds has made “modern music” very “popular” in the Cleveland area with their “sampling” techniques. Even though people had “misconceptions” about whether a computer made the music, Reznor proved all those people wrong and computers are still taking over the world.

Trent in 1990 wearing a…do-rag? Was that a trend from the early ’90s we forgot about?

Apparently, while writing Pretty Hate Machine, Reznor offered to play keyboard for this band Slam Bamboo sometime in 1987. Reznor’s complete disregard for the geeky garb the other musicians were wearing and his all black attire just makes this video even more amazing.
Also, the fact that the lead singer looks like many other struggling musicians at our local hipster coffee shop this morning. And we have this song stuck in our heads.

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