Tuesday, May 14, 2013

There's Something Fishy About Theses I Phone Case! Only In Japan Would They Design Some Crazy Sushi Phone Covering!

Sushi iPhone Case
Japanese plastic food samples are famous for their realistic look and almost has a cult like following. As a new iPhone 4S owner, I couldn’t resist sharing this one. Only if they had these in the  Nokia 1101 days I would have been popular on my college campus – my friends would ask me to buy these fake food sample as souvenirs from my trip back to Japan.
Kabayaki iPhone Case

The unagi and matsutake  are a part of a seasonal series released monthly including shaved ice (August) and sanma (September).
The cases are not limited to just savory items…
Choco Cake Case
While I’m not quite sure how I would stash my phone in my purse with these delicious cases, you’ll be sure to have one of the most unique cases around.
There’s also a rather creepy one here. All these and more food sample phone accessories can be purchased in Japan from strapya.com. Don’t speak Japanese? You can use White Rabbit Express to place your order.
We’ve featured other food imitation items here before like the Hokke Case and Your Clock is Toast.
source: Strapya.com

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