Sunday, June 23, 2013

Grunge's Black Sheep 'Stomach Pump' Returns to Seattle's Central Tavern!

I know what your thinking, black sheep of grunge? Trust me these guys make Nirvana look like a church band!

Featuring members of The Throw Up's and My Eye, this is sure to be a historic show, if you don't know who these bands are, your an idiot, you have no business reading this, and I should fire my publicist! 

Only joking, I'm not as ' hip ' to them as I probably should be, from what I do know, they were one of the bands that slipped through the cracks, short lived as a fun club band in Seattle at a time when the scene was signing new bands regularly, the grunge race was on! 

Old Throw Up's show flyer, notice the date, so yes this reunion will be special! 

The band members at that time were Leighton Beezer from the Throw Up's on guitar, Max Godsi on bass and Duff Drew from My Eye on drums, and Jack Blood ( JC ) on vocals, They released one single, Log Clench/ Cake Hole, around '92 and eventually broke up after some wild and interesting times, they were known for heckling their audience and getting stuff thrown at them was just part of the show. Maybe when Mark Arm and Steve Turned ditched them to form Mudhoney they took it out on their guitars! 

After all the Throw Up's had rules like no practicing and no writing songs, so of course to these hard core guys that was considering selling out, Stomach Pump carried on and are famous for antics like pissing on each other on stage while singing " you put a spell on me,  never taking themselves too seriously. 

The Throw Ups in the 80's 

If there was ever a time for a reunion, it is now, in fact in just a few short weeks Mudhoney will join Jack Endino, TAD, and many more on the 13th for a grunge reunion of sorts, please check our calender for times and dates * and be sure to come down to The Central on the 2nd of July if your in Seattle, and if not, you can see Xanaland's LIVE stream of the show, just go to our Live Performances page or click on the monkey! 

Here is the link to the event: 

 and of course a show preview! 

sorry I could not find any Stomach Pump on youtube!

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  1. Central Saloon in Pioneer Sq - Used to be the Central Tav back in the day - 207 1st Ave South