Monday, June 10, 2013

So How Amazing is the New Queens of The Stone Age!? And What is Sancho's Dream Lineup For Fall?!

Now look there's no point in arguing with us in Xanaland, because much like the mafia,even when were wrong, were right! So it has been decided! (we are sorry Mustache and all apologies, Rooster) but the new Queens of The Stone Age is the best release of the year, so far! I was excited about The Melvin's and Deftone's new albums, but this takes the cake baby!   Lets see, Trent Reznor, Elton John AND Dave Grohl on the album?! Forget about it! 

Here's a track, the reason I wanted to share this is not only for the music but for the incredible art work

If you live in the U.K. , catch QOTSA at Rough Trade, the Old Truman Brewery on 91 Brick Lane tomorrow June 11 2013

My ultimate concert for Seattle this fall would be Seattle's Mothership, The Missionary Position, Morophine and Queen's of The Stone Age! f you agree give me a shout out on it someday and maybe some magic can make it happen, if you don't agree with me, then you can go screw yourself, your an idiot and I should fire my publicist! 

 QOTSA Drummer Joey Castillo. Nuff Said. Google it, yo.

As I was saying earlier about the art work the videos feature artwork from U.K. artist Boneface, so tomorrows show is bound to be an epic event

Art by Boneface

Just in case you need convincing, watch this killer 15 minute promo For QOTSA, Joey Castillo is so amazing...just sayin!

Now go drink a little water, and come back and then watch this...

Sassy aren't they....told ya! 
( the music I mean, not the bad hair and clothes )

the there's Seattle's Missionary Position

Lovingly nick named " The Beee Charmer " Jeff Angell and Ben Anderson of The Walking Papers wow Seattle when on rare occasions were treated to a surprise show of the very busy boys! 

and last but not least a totally fitting band from Seattle, The Mothership

Theses guys are amazing and the perfect band to open for Queens of The Stone Age!

No look if you still think you can argue with me then I have only one more comment 

Off with your head! 

Ahh, doesn't hurt to dream a little....

Buy New QOTSA here on Xanaland! 

Queens Tour Dates :

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