Sunday, June 30, 2013

VanEps Rocks KISW's Men's Room Redfest

Unlike Mike Savoia, I don't get paid to write for KISW, so we'll wait for the epic story and pix from Mike to get the full report! But for the sake of archiving all the events I have filmed and bands we all love I wanted to share at least a few photos and one of the videos...

* apparently recording outside requires a special microphone for my camera, so excuse the sound. Also playing were Seattle's Mothership, who I fainted before I could get any photos or footage of! But do not worry, you'll be hearing plenty about The Mothership on Xanaland and of course VanEp's! 

Enjoy! and have a safe and happy 4th of July! 

a teaser of the show can be seen on our youtube channel 
xana land, click here to get there:
* sorry it would not upload here for some reason! 

 also, here is a video they did with local film guru Jamie Chamberlin, amazing musicianship and production combined! 

to contact VanEp's:
to contact Jamie at Black Dahlia Films:

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