Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Brace Yourselves, The Italians Are Coming! Seattle Prepares For The Next Layne Staley Tribute Season

Steve Armeli "  Grunge Ambasssador " for Italy

It's no secret that Seattle's music scene is exploding again, but that means nothing to our good friends we refer to simply as " The Italians " who come to Seattle every summer for the Layne Staley Benefit shows in August, they are delighted yet unfazed, they have loyally loved Seattle bands for many years and some of them have been coming here in the summer months for over 7 years, how many Italian guys you ask? Well there's more than 3 of them for sure, I lost count at like 7 gorgeous Italians last year! 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Basment Sessions Demos Seattle Blows Away a Few Lucky People at The Feedback!

I feel bamboozled, hoodwinked even....I cannot believe I was out gimmick'ed by Jack Endino, When us common folk were hearing that Sub Pop was planning on revealing a new band, of course most of us thought it would be either another Jack project- no complaint there, he's a genius, or something with an old school grunge band like TAD who they hang with frequently...lucky bastards.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Whole Worlds Watching Jefferson Angell

It's a sweet moment in time all over again in Seattle, it's just like the 80's and 90's when all your friends bands just happen to be the best bands in the world... except now a days we have better technology, which is maybe better- maybe not, where as then we had cheap beer, rent, and gas,  now we have a dozen ways to share and save special moments, the days when reaching out meant walking to the nearest phone booth are gone, now everything is photographed and instantly updated on social media.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Basment Sessions Demos Seattle Band Members Revealed at Last!

Who are the actual members of Seattle's most secretive music project? And what does this photograph of Frank Zappa with a Raggedy Andy doll have to do with it? Nothing, I just thought it was super cute. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Ghost of Buddy Rich Lives in This Amazing " Mystery Grandma Drummer"

This is just awsome! I only wish the ' Mystery Drummer ' would come forward, what a character to sit down in a random drum shop and blow everyone away and then disappear without telling anyone here name or where the hell she learned to drum like that! 
Here is the video they thankfully got, the drum shop is The Coalition Drum Shop in La Crosse, Wisconsin. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Paul McCartney Give's Seattle it's Wings and So Much More

Photo by Jordan Stead for the Seattle P.I.

Unlike The Mustache who fizzled out on Seattle again, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic came through like champs and showed up bright faced and bushy tailed to back up Sir Paul McCartney for his long awaited return to The Emerald City. Only because certain Wings songs remind me of summer, and because to say it's been a nostalgic year for Seattle would be a severe understatement,  have I coincidentally already written the pieces I should be writing today. So be sure to check out our Bass Player blog and main page to read more ( see if you were subscribed you wouldn't have this problem would you? ) 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Dave Grohl in Seattle for the Weekend!

One of my more reliable sources says Dave Grohl is indeed taking the stage tonight with Paul McCartney, and since he was just spotted in the Pike Place Market, I think we can say the rumor is true! Fantastic and its not too late to get your tickets right here on Xanaland! One of my very favorite Capricorns and maybe the one musician form Seattle I have not formally met in our adult life, ( parties in the 80's don't count! ) That's all going to change when he hears about Sancho's Adventures and our out of this world ideas for more monkey business! Our Grunge Storytellers will be doing live unplugged style shows starting this fall, and a big one is planned for next spring that will be recorded and released on vinyl as well, so needless to say we'd love to have him involved! More on our love for Dave G. later this month, lets all cross our fingers he makes it to the show tonight! 

via Dangerous Minds: Loudmouth Morton Downey Jr. Yacks About Punk Rock with Joey Ramone and Ace Frehley!

I watched the Morton Downey, Jr. documentary, Evocateur, the other night (it’s streaming on Amazon) and was reminded of how much fun that loudmouth could be back when his TV show ran on WWOR in New York City in the late 80s. Drawing from local talent, Downey often featured some very cool guests. In this particular episode from February 1989 on punk and metal, Downey, wearing a goofy earring in his ear, is uncharacteristically even-tempered and and downright civil to his guests Joey Ramone, Ace Frehley, members of The Cycle Sluts and my label-mates Circus Of Power. It all makes for some great television, short on facts or insight, but full of the anarchic energy and mayhem triggered by Downey’s unpredictable and explosive gasbagotry.
When Downey does come on strong, it’s fun to watch these rockers cower like kids being lectured by an overbearing slightly psychotic teacher.
Posted by Marc Campbell

via Dangerous Minds: U2 Performing on Irish TV When They Were in High School!

U2 originally had a fifth member, Dik Evans (The Edge’s brother) and were called The Hype. In the group’s formative years, Bono was also playing guitar, but there wasn’t really a need for a third guitarist. When Dik left, later to form the infinitely better Virgin Prunes, the remaining members rechristened themselves as U2.
When this was shot, in March of 1978, they hadn’t really yet shed their old name (Dik would formally leave in two days time and was not a part of this shoot). Bono, The Edge and Adam Clayton were seventeen. Larry Mullen Jr. was just sixteen.
This short article [“Yep, It’s U2”] appeared in the Irish magazine Hot Press soon afterwards:
Another contender for the titles vacated by the Rats and the Radiators, U2 arrive on the scene with some highly influential supporters. With Steve Rapid acting as mentor, (though not manager) and interest from CBS, the north-side band have made early progress before even venturing into the better-known centre-city gigs. Their recent rise to newfound prominence is due to a victory in an Evening Press/Harp Lager talent contest.
Normally, such contests are ho-hum cabaret affairs but Jackie Hayden from CBS was one of the judges and was sufficiently impressed to pay for a short demo session in Keystone, which is where I caught up with them.
I must report that it wasn’t the happiness of sessions, the band’s inexperience showing up on what was a rush job. Their first numbers were their latest songs, which suffered as they were still getting the measure of themselves and the studio. It wasn’t till later on that their real potential came through.
U2 describe themselves as purveyors of New Wave pop although they’re wise enough to avoid the now deceased power-pop tag. However, they’ve also got hard-rock leanings, not surprisingly since they used to concentrate on that music when they went under their earlier name as the Hype. To their credit, they don’t disguise that background.
To their credit again, U2 are a young band in their last year at school. They impress as articulate, aware and hard-working individuals who are prepared to embark on their vocation. U2 talk like they intend to be professionals, a primary asset in the battle for recognition. All these qualities and their youth make U2 a band for the future and one with the attitude to grow and evolve fast.
Below, U2 performing their original song “Street Mission” on RTÉ‘s Youngline in March of 1978:
Posted by Richard Metzger

via Dangerosu Minds: Stevie Wonder Boycott's Florida!

Stevie Wonder and Nelson Mandela
Stevie Wonder and Nelson Mandela
During his concert Sunday in Quebec City, Stevie Wonder declared he would not be playing Florida again until the abolition of “Stand Your Ground,” the law that allowed George Zimmerman to go free after murdering Trayvon Martin. His impassioned speech to the crowd:
The truth is that—for those of you who’ve lost in the battle for justice, wherever that fits in any part of the world—we can’t bring them back. What we can do is we can let our voices be heard. And we can vote in our various countries throughout the world for change and equality for everybody. That’s what I know we can do.
And I know I’m not everybody, I’m just one person. I’m a human being. And for the gift that God has given me, and from whatever I mean, I decided today that until the “Stand Your Ground” law is abolished in Florida, I will never perform there again. As a matter of fact, wherever I find that law exists, I will not perform in that state or in that part of the world.
Because what I do know is that people know that my heart is of love for everyone. When I say everyone I mean everyone. As I said earlier, you can’t just talk about it, you have to be about it. We can make change by coming together for the spirit of unity. Not in destruction, but in the perpetuation of life itself.
Wonder is no stranger to artistic boycotts. He was a part of a wave of musicians who refused to play South Africa’s Sun City resort to protest apartheid, even penning a song, “It’s Wrong (Apartheid)” to raise awareness. It’s possible Wonder’s declaration could spark a trend of boycotts to shame Florida into overturning its draconian laws.
Of course, boycotts today don’t really have the same cultural context they once did for Apartheid. Last November, Wonder himself played a concert for Israeli Defense Forces, in spite of emphatic demands from activists for artists to boycott Israel in protest of the Palestinian occupation. Overwhelming international public sentiment opposed Apartheid, which was easily identified as cut and dry racial segregation, but for the west, the topic of Israel is mired in Islamophobia, and is much more difficult to organize around. Likewise, we have a lot of paranoid, reactionary gun nuts in this country, and artists might argue that playing Florida isn’t an endorsement of a single law. Regardless, I do think famous spokespeople (for better or worse) help steer the national dialogue, and we need to do everything we can to keep focus on the abolition of the “Stand Your Ground” law.

Via Vulture
Posted by Amber Frost

via Dangerous Minds: Malcom McDowell, Benicio Del Toro and Ron Pearlman Go Psycho Over Household Chores!


A quirky series of short films, made for GQ magazine, in which “Bad Guy” actors, such as Malcolm McDowell, Benicio Del Toro, and Ron Perlman, ham-up various household chores.
Director Nadav Kander explained the evolution of the idea to 1.4:
GQ USA asked me to photograph the villains of the acting world and they also wanted some moving imagery for their web site. I thought of these ideas in collaboration first with Zoe Tomlinson who I work closely with and then we discussed the scenarios with the magazine.
At first I thought that it would be best to slowly draw away from each actor while they acted out their nasty deeds to reveal that they were simply doing every day activities but then I thought it more questioning and elegant to simply turn the actor around and fade. Introducing the Hangman game idea for the end-type was to encourage the viewer to guess the action.
There’s fun to be had, true, but mainly in getting the answers wrong.
Malcolm McDowell rues his lack of a dish-washer. 
Benicio Del Toro getting his chopper out in the kitchen.
Ron Perlman twists one off.
Mark Strong likes to pack.
Jack Gleeson beds down.
John Hawkes didn’t get the job with Rentokil.
Walter Goggins lets his fingers do the talking.
Posted by Paul Gallagher

via Dangerous Minds: Einstein on Sesame Street, Phillip Glass Introduces Kids To Geometry and Minimalism!

“Geometry of Circles” is a series of animated shorts created for Sesame Street in 1979 with music by Philip Glass.
From the Muppet Wiki:
The shorts consist of the movement of six circles (each with a different color of the rainbow) that are formed by and split up into various geometric patterns. Glass’s music underscores the animation in a style that closely resembles the “Dance” numbers and the North Star vignettes written during the same time period as his Einstein on the Beach opera.
Below, all four of the “Geometry of Circles” animations produced by Glass and The Children’s Television Workshop:
Posted by Richard Metzger

via Dangerous Minds: Juan Gabriel, The Elton John of Mexico!

Journalist Gustavo Arellano, in his fabulous “Ask A Mexican!” column for OC Weekly, has often used Mexican singer Juan Gabriel–“the bronze contemporary to Elton John but with better hair, tunes and moves”—to explain why Mexicans love Morrissey so passionately. Young Chicanos in southern California in particular have become Morrissey and The Smiths’ least likely but most devoted and dedicated fans.  Mexicans like Morrissey because his music reminds them of ranchera. Specifically Gabriel, “El Divo de Juarez,” a.k.a. “JuanGa.” 
Arellano said: 
It may be that [Morrissey’s music] echoes the music of the ranchera. His trembling falsetto brings to mind the rich, sad voice of Pedro Infante, while his effeminate stage presence makes him a version of Juan Gabriel.
So who is this Juan Gabriel guy?
Juan Gabriel’s career started in 1971, around the same time as Elton John’s meteoric rise to fame. He was brought up in a Ciudad Juárez boarding school and started singing in nightclubs as a teenager. Ranchera music originated as folk music on the ranches in rural Mexico at the beginning of the 20th century. Arellano describedthe genre as “the virulently nihilistic ballad form of Mexican popular song, where women are ingrates, alcohol is your only true companion, and emotion is for los jotos (fags).”

Gabriel is best known for his emotional delivery, effeminate demeanor, and amazing stage clothes. His stage presence is like a veteran Vegas performer’s, with multiple costume changes, flowing scarves, glittery, shiny colorful outfits.
Although he has never publicly announced his sexual orientation, everyone “knows” that he is gay, similar to Elton John’s “Let’s not discuss it, shall we?” status in the public mind during the 1970’s and 1980’s before he came out officially. In a culture where hardcore traditional masculinity is highly valued, somehow the flamboyant Gabriel gets a pass. His campiness, emotionality, and four decades’ worth of songs crying over a lost love, are the antithesis of machismo yet an accepted part of Mexican culture now. He has produced and written songs in other genres besides ranchera–ballads, pop, rock, and disco–for other Latin artists. Mariachi bands cover his songs and often have a band member who flits about the audience in a very politically incorrect imitation of Gabriel during solos and flirts with the men in the crowd. Gabriel has been credited with changing the Mexican male mind to some degree about gender roles and the acceptability of homosexuality, although the topic is always deftly avoided. In 2009 when a journalist asked him outright if he was gay, his response was, “Lo que se ve no se pregunta, mijo” (“What you can see, you don’t need to ask about, son.”)
Cindy Casares from Guanabee said: 
This old queen is another one for whom the entirety of Mexico just looks the other way. Macho men in cowboy hats go to his shows, call him a fag and then cry during his songs. No one would care, Juan Gabriel, if you just admitted it. Except the gays, who would love you for it.
Gabriel hijacked the 2009 Latin Grammys when he won Latin Recording Academy’s Person of the Year. Instead of playing a short medley or a couple of songs, he kept performing for 40 minutes and wouldn’t leave the stage.  Not even Kanye West would try to pull a diva move like that!
Above, “Estoy Enamorado De Ti”
Weepy Juan has a real bad case of the sads in 1972’s “Me he quedado solo”
Posted by Kimberly J. Bright

Brace Yourselves...Paul McCartney Fan in Seattle Gone Wild in the Streets of Capitol Hill!

Alright, alright, there was nothing in the official story about the man  being a Paul McCartney fan, ( you know how these stories get embellished along the way! ) 

What the news is reporting is that early in the a.m. hours Thursday, a man was spotted rolling down Seattle's Capitol Hill in an office chair. When the S.P.D. finally caught up with him, he wielded drum sticks and said he was " late for a gig " . Never forgetting to be be fashionable, and commonly reported when these Capitol Hill incidents fail to fly under the radar of the popo, this wild child was also sporting several colorful scarves, had a tad of makeup on several bags of more costumes and of course, night goggles. 

Yes this stuff really happens in Seattle. Now admit it, uncanny that Paul McCartney is here tonight, is it not possible that this poor lost soul only wants a ticket to see the concert tonight? I mean who doesn't want to goo see Paul McCartney on a beautiful night in Seattle? A show that Dave Grohl is rumored to play at? And what could be more perfect after the epic Sub Pop weekend? ( More on that today and unseen TAD video from the show here on Xanaland and on our youtube channel ) This is an important summer in Seattle music and thus for the world! Forget about it! ( insert preferred mafia actor voice over ) An absolutely historic show you'll regret missing! 

Get your tickets here on Xanaland! 

Have a safe and wonderful night everyone! 

 * Show teaser ? 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Jami Nova!

One of the best voices to ever come out of Seattle, and for so many reasons a person to admire and be proud of, as Witchburn her " primary " band does what its' best at, " face melting in the Northwest " we all wait to see what her next move is, with one of the best female guitar players/ performers around Mischa Kianne, she is literally unstoppable. 

Pure Sin Photography 

Music lovers in Seattle are frequently treated to her occasional acoustic set, with fellow Seattle rocker and amazing guitarist John T. Phillips, so on this day, our lovely Jami's birthday, I play you one , be sure to check out more of Witchburn, Jami and J.T. and some amazing acoustics recently filmed with Mischa and also be sure to find them on social media sites to see where they will be melting faces in your area! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

via Dangerous Minds: 100 Year Old Woman Wants 100 Dicks for Her Birthday

God bless this cock-crazed granny for speaking her mind and not giving one fuck what anyone else thinks. Hey, honesty is the best apparently only policy when you’re 100 years old.
I think there should be a crowd-sourced fund to get this horny grandma 100 male strippers.

Via Dlisted
Posted by Tara McGinley

via Dangerous Minds: Freddie Mercury Gorilla Removed Over Copyright Complaint!

A Freddie Mercury Gorilla statue, which is part of a Norwich-based charity’s public art trail, had to be removed yesterday because Queen’s manager Jim Beach claimed (on behalf of the Freddie Mercury estate) that “the suit ‘worn’ by the gorilla breached copyright.”
The Freddie Mercury estate contacted Wild in Art, the company that supplied the gorilla glass-fibre canvases, according to director Charlie Langhorne.
“They just said that they own the copyright on the suit and asked us to change it,” Mr Langhorne said.
Martin Green of Break, one of two charities that will benefit from the auction of the gorillas once the exhibition is over, said: “It’s a disappointing position they have put us in.
Good news is the gorilla statue will be repainted by an artist and will be back on the streets later this week.
Update: Queen guitarist Brian May says he plans to “find out” why the Freddie Mercury estate complained.

Via BBC News
Posted by Tara McGinley

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mr. Ed Meet's Clint Eastwood

You know, Xanaland has such wonderful friends and supporters from all over the globe and galaxy for that matter who will go the distance for any friend in need, one being our good friend and fellow music lover Paula Scarcelli from Philly, we have had here visit in Seattle and taken here to see some of our best bands, but another thing that we share is a silly silly sense of humor, and this is one of the links that had us all cracking up last year, and like our beloved Dangerous Minds website, we love to archive campy stuff we loved growing up as much as new music, so please enjoy parts of this epic episode with Clint Eastwood on The Mr. Ed Show! 

second part: 

Thank you Miss Paula for supporting Xanaland! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mudhoney on the Space Needle? This Summer Just Keeps Getting Better!

What a way to kick off Sub Pop's 25th Anniversary week, and what I great idea, ( one I had years ago and was just writing about ) this is free as far as we know but 600 feet straight up, it may be a tad hard to see or even hear the band, but this will also be broadcast on 90.3 KEXP, and I will be there filming from below, and possibly live streaming if the conditions are right, the Sob Pop even is free and on the 13th, this will take place on the 11th, this Thursday, a exact time has not been revealed, Congratulation to one of my favorite bands, that I personally share a unique history with and have known for many years, Bravo Mark Arm! Bravo Sub Pop! 

Link to Sub Pop event: 

Here's a music teaser! 

And a video I shot of them at Nuemo's a few months ago: 

Stay tuned next week for ( hopefully ) live video from The Space Needle show! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Epic Live Video of the Moment: The White Stripes at Glastonberry Festival 2002

What's not to love about The White Stripes, for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy this epic video moment with them at Glastonberry Festival 2002, a short 10 years, ago, it's hard to believe they've been around that long, it seems like just yesterday, my label whore friends were sending me the demo to White Blood Cells, * sigh * that was a tough summer...

Enjoy, and don't forget to subscribe or the monkey will fish slap you! 

On This Day in 1992 MTV Unplugged in Europe Was Born!

Recorded for the first time in mainland Europe, it featured Joe Cocker, Was not Was, and Annie Lennox! Funny when I think of MTV Unplugged I think of Nirvana! Xanaland will be hosting it first Grunge Storytellers this fall, so be sure to subscribe so your in the know! Enjoy this almost unplugged Joe Cocker video and a couple of more " MTV Unplugged Classics " to celebrate one of the only good live shows MTV ever came up with and maybe their best idea to date! 

Another classic episode....

And one of my personal favorites....

Lou Reed Gives Kayne West's ' Yeezus ' Album a Thumbs Up!

Like him or not, Lou Reed is a man who certainly lets you know what he doesn’t like (and there are a great many things that he doesn’t). So is it surprising, or not surprising at all, that this rock ’n’ roll contrarian and front man of the Velvet Underground would turn out to be an enthusiastic fan of the Kanye West album “Yeezus,” one of the year’s most divisive pieces of music?

via Dangerous Minds: Rare 1953 Radio Interview with Miles Davis Before He Lost His Voice

In October 1955, Miles Davis had an operation on his larynx, and was given strict instructions by the surgeon not to even use his voice for ten days afterwards. According to legend, though, he got into an argument, raised it, and so begat the instantly recognizable rasp that he would be stuck with for the rest of his days.
It has always impressed me as quite the irony that Davis’ sobbing, pellucid trumpet tone and massacred speaking voice could emerge from the selfsame lips. Which is partly what makes the following so riveting. Kicking off at 3:36 (following a short 60 Minutes appearance from 1989, presumably included for the lurid contrast) here is a very rare recording of a 1953 Radio KXLW interview with Miles, who sounds a little hoarse, pretty out of his tree (a little horse?), characteristically diffident—but not a bit like a Dalek
Posted by Thomas McGrath

via Dangerous Minds: P.E Teacher Rocks the Same Polyester Outfit 40 Years Later!

Be still my heart! A retired physical education teacher from Dallas, Dale Irby, wore the same shirt and sweater vest combination in all of his school’s yearbook photos for 40 years. What started out as mistake with Irby accidentally wearing the same outfit twice turned into an inside joke between Dale and his wife that has now lasted for four decades.
Here’s a video below going through all 40 years of Dale’s nifty outfit.
Posted by Tara McGinley

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Debbie Harry!

I always think of Blondie this time of the year, she's accomplished so much and influenced so many musicians, we just adore her and that's all!