Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Basment Sessions Demos Seattle Band Members Revealed at Last!

Who are the actual members of Seattle's most secretive music project? And what does this photograph of Frank Zappa with a Raggedy Andy doll have to do with it? Nothing, I just thought it was super cute. 

I have been trying to figure out who the mystery men behind this ongoing project are, there have been random hints and subtle suggestions that there is a " Seattle Super Group " on the horizon, we say bring it on! We are super excited and knowing that the key players are finally ready to reveal their identity to us earthlings, we ponder the question, who are these mystery musicians? Are  they the forgotten cast of Land of the Lost, recently divorced, paroled, and left for dead in a parallel universe, now here to reclaim there musical heritage among us measly Earthlings?

Or maybe Alf is in the band?! Maybe they have to hide his identity, so crazed fans wont stalk them!

All joking aside, whoever is in the band ( this project smells not quite like teen spirit but definitely has the essence of Sub Pop all over it, yummy! ) the most important thing is that they are loving what they are doing, which is always contagious to other creative people, and from the little they have let me listen to ( I had to use James Bond tactics to accomplish this by the way ) I am way impressed, and it's pretty clear that they are doing this for themselves, which is damn sexy if you ask me ( but what do I know I'm just a monkey ) they say there will be no " grunge revival" this year, they are simple guys, simply doing what they do best, besides living the good life and enjoying the outdoors in the beautiful Northwest, they never forget to pick up an instrument, a book, or a pen, but never a gun or a hooker. Unless when in France, the  "Grunge Rule Book" differ's when in France apparently....

Seen shmoozing around with some Old School grunger's it is indeed a mystery
who may jump on stage with them at any given time...lucky bastards....

Bravo to strong and talented people in Seattle, and all over the world, this Sunday we proudly bring you Basment Sessions Seattle Demo's LIVE at The Feedback Lounge in West Seattle, this will be filmed and streamed live for free by Xanaland, and supported by The Feedback... to watch the live stream, go to our live page at 8 p.m. this Sunday the 28th.
For venue info, also there is a direct link to The Feedback's calender on out home page 

This is also part of a special benefit show series for Saving Great, you can get more information on them and where to donate here:
Show is free! But if you cannot make it, our live stream is on the Live Performance  page, and any video taken will be on our youtube channel as well:

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