Monday, July 29, 2013

Basment Sessions Demos Seattle Blows Away a Few Lucky People at The Feedback!

I feel bamboozled, hoodwinked even....I cannot believe I was out gimmick'ed by Jack Endino, When us common folk were hearing that Sub Pop was planning on revealing a new band, of course most of us thought it would be either another Jack project- no complaint there, he's a genius, or something with an old school grunge band like TAD who they hang with frequently...lucky bastards.

Another possible scenario would be that their good friend Kim Thayil showed up and jammed with them, probably something that does happen at their ultra secret jam pad, but alas no celebrities, so how did Jack and his buddies out gimmick us? By creating hype, but the big surprise was a all new lineup and some very cool music, I wont bore you with a long drawn out review, you can see for yourself in the video I shot last night, por favor excuse the quality, we will be re mixing it later *

 There was even a rumor of an epic drum off between Jonny and Animal being part of the show....Just kidding! But wouldn't that be awsome? Now that I'd pay big money to see!

Well played, Jack Endino, well done good oh Lord of Local Music! 

Be sure to check out our youtube channel for more and to check here for more updates, I have a feeling this will be a very important band this year, lovely strong women who are not just behind their men, they are right up on that microphone, gotta love that, and some of the most interesting performers I've seen in a while, so artistic and sexy, I think everyone was really blown away last night, they have a wonderful energy and it was a pleasant surprise that the hype turned out to be all about new faces and voices!

   To contact the band and or their producer Jack Endino and for upcoming performances ( they say they are doing only one more show...hmm, well see about that! ) go to the link below, Viva la Grunge Folk! 

Basment Sessions contact: 

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