Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Brace Yourselves, The Italians Are Coming! Seattle Prepares For The Next Layne Staley Tribute Season

Steve Armeli "  Grunge Ambasssador " for Italy

It's no secret that Seattle's music scene is exploding again, but that means nothing to our good friends we refer to simply as " The Italians " who come to Seattle every summer for the Layne Staley Benefit shows in August, they are delighted yet unfazed, they have loyally loved Seattle bands for many years and some of them have been coming here in the summer months for over 7 years, how many Italian guys you ask? Well there's more than 3 of them for sure, I lost count at like 7 gorgeous Italians last year! 

Here's Steve and Pino with Layne's mom Nancy

But don't think they slack off from their duties the rest of the year... as loyal grungers, they see every Seattle band that they can in Italy and other neighboring countries as well, from Brad with Shawn Smith, to The Melvins, they attend it all and always with the same enthusiasm!

Steve's the only grunger known to man to have out partied Buzz from The Melvin's

Here's a great photo they took of Shawn Smith in Milan, loyal to the love bone, pun most certainly intended.. they get as close as they can to the heart of the music they love and the musicians they admire....

Shawn Smith in Milan. Purple Aura...check!

Here they are shmoozing with Mark Lannigan!

From what I know about Mark Lannigan these are the types of fans bands dream of!

Needless to say, they can't shmooze with Andrew, Layne, Mike, or Kurt, but they show their respects by coming to the Seattle tribute shows, and while doing so, support many of the new local musicians who are as inspired by the same music, like Amanda Hardy and Jonny Smokes who they support on his European tours, and this last spring supported his new band The People Now on a successful tour, they are grungers for life I tell you! 

Pino, Garth of The People Now and Steve in Italy 2013
Original photo by Markus Sotto Corona 

Here they are with Amanda and Colleen Hardy, and Jonny Smokes

Amanda Hardy, Pino, colleen Hardy and Jonny Smokes

 And if that's not enough, they even started a Nirvana tribute band that will be playing a few shows this year during their stay, this may be the most epic visit yet, and the best part is you can not only join us if you live in Washington, but you can watch Xanaland's live stream of the Jar Of Flies show at Louie' G.s 

Are these guys just adorable or what?

And we will be documenting some of their adventures around the city, stay tuned for more, our Italian Grunge Ambassador's are always surprising us, and they owe me a dinner at 13 Coin's so we'll be live streaming a few surprises of our own, welcome back boys!  

Here is a flyer for the Louie G's show, be sure to get your tickets soon, this is the only big show we were able to book so it will be a sold out show for sure and a great time for all, be sure to subscribe to stay up to the minute on our live streams! 

This year's Jar of Flies line up are made up of
some of the best Seattle musicians, including J.T. Phillips, Kevin James Hoffman, Shannon Sharp, Darrell Williams, and Leo Bruso. A big thank you to them and all that support the tribute shows

J.T Phillips, Kevin James Hoffman, and Shannon Sharp

Last year at The Seattle Fountain, not a great recording but as you can see the whippersnappers have their hearts in it! I promise better footage this year! 


  1. Fantastic Article, Xana! You've got an eye for it, and Seattle + Italy thank you: grazie! More Italy shows on the way, as Neodea (Milan, Itay) have several shows booked as part of The People Now's "Bands Beyond Borders" Program - an international musician exchange that is also with the Seattle Music Initiative (City of Music). More info check TPN's Facebook page. August is gonna be RAD! ~G, ThePeopleNow

  2. We love you!!!!!

    Mayonkee kick ass

    Friday aug. 16th - Benbow - West Seattle WA
    Sunday aug. 18th - Tony V's Garage - Everett WA
    Tuesday aug. 20th - Comet Tavern - Seattle WA
    Wednesday aug. 21st - Central - Seattle WA
    Thursday aug. 22nd - acoustic gig Floyd's Place - Seattle WA
    Saturday aug. 24th - Layne Staley Tribute - Louie G's Pizza - Fife WA

  3. Wow what a great great article Xana. That brings back memories from last summer, from the 10th years anniversary in Seattle. The memories also made me sad. Simply because it reminds me how much I wanna go an listen to music with all of you great music loveing people. I am so so sad I can't be there. I hate being single, without a job and no money. I will put my faith on the Italian party and the rest of you to use your smartphones and cameras to send me videos and pictures. I hope very much I will have the chance to come back August 2014 Who will have a beer with me the?

    Jeanette Smuk Strange

  4. sure thing Jeanette! Things will get better we'll get some good photos for you xoxoxo Xana

  5. I <3 those Italians too and am beyond bummed to having to break the Seattle tradition this year. I will be glued to the PC waiting to live it vicariously through you.
    I met Pino years ago on the Malfunkshun page, while we were both anxiously waiting for the DVD. Unbeknownst to me, we had both been in the same room for the Layne Staley Tribute at least twice before we met face to face in Seattle in 2011. Italians have loved Seattle for many years and that is NOT going to stop any time soon, huh guapos???!! :)

  6. Steve,
    Tuesday aug. 20th - Comet Tavern - Seattle WA
    Have a yellow rose for me in honour of Mia on Adam's birthday.

  7. Wish we could be there again like last year... Have fun,guys! Elena y Fito (Spain)