Friday, July 19, 2013

Brace Yourselves...Paul McCartney Fan in Seattle Gone Wild in the Streets of Capitol Hill!

Alright, alright, there was nothing in the official story about the man  being a Paul McCartney fan, ( you know how these stories get embellished along the way! ) 

What the news is reporting is that early in the a.m. hours Thursday, a man was spotted rolling down Seattle's Capitol Hill in an office chair. When the S.P.D. finally caught up with him, he wielded drum sticks and said he was " late for a gig " . Never forgetting to be be fashionable, and commonly reported when these Capitol Hill incidents fail to fly under the radar of the popo, this wild child was also sporting several colorful scarves, had a tad of makeup on several bags of more costumes and of course, night goggles. 

Yes this stuff really happens in Seattle. Now admit it, uncanny that Paul McCartney is here tonight, is it not possible that this poor lost soul only wants a ticket to see the concert tonight? I mean who doesn't want to goo see Paul McCartney on a beautiful night in Seattle? A show that Dave Grohl is rumored to play at? And what could be more perfect after the epic Sub Pop weekend? ( More on that today and unseen TAD video from the show here on Xanaland and on our youtube channel ) This is an important summer in Seattle music and thus for the world! Forget about it! ( insert preferred mafia actor voice over ) An absolutely historic show you'll regret missing! 

Get your tickets here on Xanaland! 

Have a safe and wonderful night everyone! 

 * Show teaser ? 

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