Friday, July 19, 2013

Dave Grohl in Seattle for the Weekend!

One of my more reliable sources says Dave Grohl is indeed taking the stage tonight with Paul McCartney, and since he was just spotted in the Pike Place Market, I think we can say the rumor is true! Fantastic and its not too late to get your tickets right here on Xanaland! One of my very favorite Capricorns and maybe the one musician form Seattle I have not formally met in our adult life, ( parties in the 80's don't count! ) That's all going to change when he hears about Sancho's Adventures and our out of this world ideas for more monkey business! Our Grunge Storytellers will be doing live unplugged style shows starting this fall, and a big one is planned for next spring that will be recorded and released on vinyl as well, so needless to say we'd love to have him involved! More on our love for Dave G. later this month, lets all cross our fingers he makes it to the show tonight! 

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