Saturday, July 20, 2013

Paul McCartney Give's Seattle it's Wings and So Much More

Photo by Jordan Stead for the Seattle P.I.

Unlike The Mustache who fizzled out on Seattle again, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic came through like champs and showed up bright faced and bushy tailed to back up Sir Paul McCartney for his long awaited return to The Emerald City. Only because certain Wings songs remind me of summer, and because to say it's been a nostalgic year for Seattle would be a severe understatement,  have I coincidentally already written the pieces I should be writing today. So be sure to check out our Bass Player blog and main page to read more ( see if you were subscribed you wouldn't have this problem would you? ) 

See, the last time Paul played in Seattle, I worked at the show, myself and about 20 others in the then grunge family, The Mustache was even so kind as to lease me a van, it was part of my job to scavenger up all the vegetarian food around the small ' heath food' stores as they were called in the old days! This was before stores like Whole Foods were around, so I have very vivid memories of being at The Kingdome, and driving back and forth with loads of ' Fakin' Bacon ' , and yes it was true that Linda McCartney so frowned upon meat eating that she may have even fired crew workers caught eating an occasional Big Mac, so I was really feeling for theses guys and even drove to Bellevue to get boxes of  ' tofu sloppy joe ' for them. 

For years I was vegetarian, but after years of eating meat again and suffering for it, I sure wish I'd taken Linda's advice to heart. She was really a special person, and I sense her presence around him now more that ever, because I really think she would have loved Dave Grohl! Needless to say last night was historic for Seattle and all confirming of our belief that our local musicians are geniuses, but I do believe one more question in the mystery of life has been answered: 

Dave Grohl is actually Jesus

Only joking, and all apologies to my Christian friends, you do have to admit he's our golden god right now, I mean just look at this photo, I think he and Paul are really in love with each other, and I mean LOVE it the most serious way, not that b.s. that men and women who sleep with each other claim to have, no this is much deeper there is respect with these two! 

* sniffle sniffle * 

Photo by Jordan Stead for The Seattle P.I. 

For a crowd of 45, 000 at Safeco Field and here the first time since that summer of 1990, here is Paul McCartney with special guests! 

A fan's dream come true, and excellent sound and HD Blue ray on the screens for this much anticipated first concert at Safeco, 

One of my all time favorite songs, I watched old Rockshow ( soon to be re released ) videos yesterday wondering if he could pull this off at age 70! Bravo Sir Paul, Bravo! 

One more, I can't wait until they release this on a documentary, what a fantastic event, and hey just think, when Elton hears how awsome it was, yup, Elton and The Queens of the Stone Age, this is a call out to you! Safeco has been christened and is now ready for you, we even have a whole new generation of grunge gofers to see to all your special needs, just give us a call here at Xanaland! 

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Just for old times sake and for Linda who was probably perched on his piano last night.....

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