Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Whole Worlds Watching Jefferson Angell

It's a sweet moment in time all over again in Seattle, it's just like the 80's and 90's when all your friends bands just happen to be the best bands in the world... except now a days we have better technology, which is maybe better- maybe not, where as then we had cheap beer, rent, and gas,  now we have a dozen ways to share and save special moments, the days when reaching out meant walking to the nearest phone booth are gone, now everything is photographed and instantly updated on social media.

We tend to over do it these days I admit, everyone is a photographer! Camera phones make us all look like models, it's fabulous, but for those of us who live for great live music,  capturing special moments is what it's all about and there is no one as fun to watch as Jeff Angell, the singer for both The Walking Papers and The Missionary Position.

 We who know great music know you can never capture too many epic moments with The Bee Charmer! -one of our many pet names for him in Seattle.. His words, music, and style are simply timeless, he's like soup, he's like nothing bad, I'll tell you that much people! Just think if there was phone cameras back then, we'd have thousands of photos of all our friends, tons of " epic" videos and video moments,  so this is the good part about the here and now, technology allows us to see it all!  To see the latest Jeff Angell videos go to our youtube channel and to the following links

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Jeff Angell in Missionary Position

Jeff, Duff and friends with The Sygneria Orchestra 

Walking Papers official video

Tour dates and information about Walking Papers: 

and for The Missionary Position: 

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