Thursday, July 11, 2013

via Dangerous Minds: Freddie Mercury Gorilla Removed Over Copyright Complaint!

A Freddie Mercury Gorilla statue, which is part of a Norwich-based charity’s public art trail, had to be removed yesterday because Queen’s manager Jim Beach claimed (on behalf of the Freddie Mercury estate) that “the suit ‘worn’ by the gorilla breached copyright.”
The Freddie Mercury estate contacted Wild in Art, the company that supplied the gorilla glass-fibre canvases, according to director Charlie Langhorne.
“They just said that they own the copyright on the suit and asked us to change it,” Mr Langhorne said.
Martin Green of Break, one of two charities that will benefit from the auction of the gorillas once the exhibition is over, said: “It’s a disappointing position they have put us in.
Good news is the gorilla statue will be repainted by an artist and will be back on the streets later this week.
Update: Queen guitarist Brian May says he plans to “find out” why the Freddie Mercury estate complained.

Via BBC News
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