Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hempfest 2013 Rocks Seattle With Historic Event and Plenty of Doritos

All Dorito jokes aside, Vivian McPeak, the creator, organizer and much more of Hempfest, has made us all proud and grateful to live in Seattle, although he's doing most of the brain work, so if you support the cause, be sure to follow up with some of his advice, and wisdom, here he is speaking at Hempfest 2013: 

A day to remember for sure, and one of the best music lineups I have personally ever seen with local producer/musician Jack Endino, who played with his new band Endino's Earthworm 

Hempfest couple extraordinaire
Vivian McPeak and his queen 

Purple auras..check! 

After looking over some of the pages on social media, it's obvious that this even has some wonderful people involved and that simply being a part of the festival was a life changing experience for them.
 So oppose legalization or not condoning hemp- generally seems to be nothing but a waste of time and energy at this point, I myself am not totally up to speed on what other states are doing and am only selfishly concerned with what Washington is allowing, but I sure am grateful for those working hard on all the complications that plague the whole issue. 

 I have noticed one thing about Seattle Police which is that they really have never been to down on weed because they know if your smoking weed, your most likely not shooting dope under the bridge, so it makes sense that they would be going with the flow, the Doritos were an nice touch though! 

Some of the best people and some of Seattle's most talented, making it even more historic, seen here is Erin Mario from one of my favorite band's who I've filmed before, Starry Eyed Samuari, we also live streamed Hed-Pe who was in full form and loved being a part of the whole event, with singer Jared taking advantage of the platform to encourage the world to follow suit with Washington State on their marijuana laws. 

Starry Eyed Samuari's Erin Mario

Needless to say there were plenty of hippy's, thank goodness because the world needs more hippy's....

Even Sancho, our in house monkey boy who's usually misbehaving was on his best behavior and sporting his best hippy regalia! 

I asked a lifetime friend Tony Taylor how he knew Vivian because it's a great story... and he has this to say: 

I met Vivian in the late 1980's, he was friends with my roommate down the hall from me in our apartment building. Vivian had just moved here from California and was looking to make his mark on Seattle as a Rock Singer. A few years later, he had started a group called the "Peace Heathens", they did a lot of community out reach projects, and with Vivian as the ring leader, he put just as much passion into his community work as he did his band. I remember his concept of Hempfest originally  and thought to myself he would have a hard time pulling it off with little to no money. Then one day his Guitar player Jonnie asked me if my band "Mean Tangerine" would like to play a benefit show with "Stickerbush" (Jonnie and Viv's band) at the OK Hotel. Well we had another show at the Rock Candy that evening as the headliner, although I said we did have enough time to open the show. Well my band was a bit grumpy about playing tow shows in one evening, but I convinced them that it would be a good time, and we had a good window of time to get from one show to the next. Well the day of the benefit we loaded up, and went down to the OK hotel for sound-check at 6:00pm, when we arrived I was shocked to see that the line for the show had already formed and was so long, it went all the way around the block!! Vivian back then was way ahead of his time, and his pulse on the community was on the money. I am glad to see Hempfest is still thriving to this day, and was proud to have had a small part in the benefit that helped to fund and kick off Hempfest as we know it.. 

Here is an old pic of Mean Tangerine..

And I'm combing my office, although am hoping to find the flyer for the first Hempfest Benefit. once I do I'll be sure to copy, frame, and send Viv a copy..

A special thanks to Vivian and all his family and friends for everything they do and for letting me share their photo's, this songs for you Vivian! 

 Remember to volunteer for other events that will ensure the safe and successful future of Hempfest 

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