Friday, August 30, 2013

Shadow Featuring Pearl Jam's Mike McCready & Sweet Water Rock Seattle at Easy Street Records!

When I wrote about this show earlier this week as an upcoming event, I described the atmosphere at Easy Street Record when bands play in store shows and said there would be people & pets, young and old rocking out, and sure enough there was many! Seattle's Shadow featuring Pearl Jam's Mike McCready also features Rick and Chris Friel and Danny Newcomb. They released a 10" vinyl this week which sold out immediately online and at the record store. They were joined by Sweet Water another one of Seattle's original 80's rock band that has recently been playing out again. 

Joe Dredd , Blake Rolcik-Wilcox and friend 

There's our good friend Joe Dredd ( a.k.a. Seattle's sexiest bass player..fact, not opinion ) clowning around with another friends kids, rock and roll lover Cheryl Rolcik-Wilcox, her son is Blake and he and his friends scored signed copies from both bands and a few extras, I can say as a rock music lover, to have you kid excited like this over a band you know and love is pretty much a dream come true! The kids of the band members were on hand as well, as seen below here, I knew immediately which ones were Adam's kids! 

Adam Czisler's sons and Rich Credo's sons 
rocking out at Easy Street Records 

Fabiola Gonzales and Pino Foderoro 

Our Italian ' Grunge Ambassador's ' Pino Foderaro and Steve Armeli were also on hand, sadly their last day in Seattle, but what an epic last day! Of course they were thrilled to see Pearl Jam's Mike McCready play for free, but I think after seeing Sweet Water they realized they got a real treat, and got to experience it with friends from all over the world that came for part of August. Pino blew us away bu jumping on stage with Steve's Nirvana tribute band from Italy, that story and epic video coming soon!

Mayonkee's Steve Armeli and  our 
friend from Denmark Charlotte Lauridsen 

The enthusiasm for this event was felt worldwide, Xanaland live streamed it for free and free to watch, of course... and it had so many views it put a spike in our server  which alerted our stream partners, we thought we were in trouble for over usage and instead they just said " hey you should have told us, we love Seattle bands! " 

I have been so busy with so many great shows to go to this month, downloading videos has been put off for a few days ( yes, we need help if anyone has any monkeys looking for work...we can only pay in bananas) In any case, our  "End of the season flashback " series will have some great unseen photos and videos coming soon and I will update this blog as well!  

Mike McCready and Rick Friel of Shadow

Thanks to Easy Street Records who was accommodating as always!

To see Mike's video of this event ( it would not upload here for some reason ) you can go to Mike Savoia's youtube channel at :

Lots of great stuff on his channel anyhow so I don't mind directing ya there! p.s. don't forget to subbscribe! 

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