Monday, August 26, 2013

Shadow & Sweetwater to Play Free Show at Easy Street Records in West Seattle

Shadow is Rick Friel, Danny Newcomb, Mike McCredy, and Chris Friel 
Photo by Anna Knowlden-Friel 

You may have to get out your Grunge Family Tree to remember these bands, but when you figure it our, you'll say to yourself, " Oh sweet Lord, how could I not know who these guys are" or " how could I forget Shadow! " Well maybe not and maybe it's not that dramatic, but they are pretty darn important to the Seattle music scene, and have consistently played and brought some of us luckier folks who live here years of great music and entertainment. That is probably why Mike McCredy, their original guitar player, has taken the time out of his busy schedule as Pearl Jams guitar player, to join them for some special reunion shows. 

Concert poster for Shadow show circa. ( apx ) 1987
Young greatness on the grunge rise

Tomorrow is one of those days, and promises to be historic and epic. Club shows are great- but even all ages shows don't have the same energy as playing in a local record store, where even passerby's can see and hear the band, small children can attend, dogs, babies.... for those of us who love Seattle music and that have families, this may be the most important part of a bands audience, the very young and the animals in our lives who are forever young at heart. For just the other day I busted my cat Foxy Shazam listening to Lady Gaga, this is unacceptable for any self respecting blues, rock, and grunge music lover.

Foxy and her cohorts are being dealt with accordingly

Foxy is now forced to listen to Jimmy Hendrix every day 

Needless to say Seattle really appreciates these special shows and cherishes these boys dearly, every year that passes that each of them continues to wow us with their music, writing or by simply sharing little pieces of their lives on social media. We as a music community are able to heal over the great losses that we have all endured. They bring new excitement to the music scene and make it easy to enjoy the present. 

Seattle's Sweetwater is Cole Peterson, Chris Friel, Adam Czisler, and Rich Credo 

Rick and Chris Friel who have recently been jamming as Chris Friel's Orchestra and as Friel's Comet-a KISS Tribute band, they are just about the most adorable thing when they play together, who doesn't dream of being in a cool band with their kid brother?! 

Rick and Chris Friel jamming at The Tractor Tavern this summer with
Chris Friel's Orchestra

Sweetwater played few shows recently one that I was glad to catch at the Crocodile, singer Adam Czeisler doesn't look a day older than in the 90's, someone who has truly lived a blessed life and still sings and performs as good if not better as " back in the grunge days " 
( hey i didn't come up with the word, talk to The Mustache about it)

Adam Czisler of Sweetwater 

Here's a video from Sweetwater at The Croc
Relax, my camera has great sound! 

Easy Street Records is located at 4559 California Avenue S.W. 
West Seattle Washington 
for more information and a great write up on the event here is the link to Easy Streets website: 

Xanaland will be providing a free live stream for this show which begins at 7:00 p.m. for those that cannot attend. It goes to smart phones as well, either go to our ' live performance ' page on the main site, or click on the monkey! 

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