Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Walking Walking Papers Kick Off Their Summer Tour at Easy Street Records: Have Bee Charmer, Will Travel!

Jefferson Angell and Duff McCagen getting the rock photographer 
treatment by Mike Savoia 

Once again Seattle gets wowed by the talent and awsomness of our local musicians, luckily for us it's almost a daily event lately, and keeping up with them all is nearly impossible, but the support that The Walking Papers have gotten is not for anything trivial, it has nothing to do with luck or even timing, lets just say it was in the stars! 

Benjamin Anderson and Barrett Martin Floating like butterflies
and stinging like bees!

The energy that they transmit that flows through the crowds isn't really something that can be described, one thing that made it outstanding at least to me, was the wide variety of people, so many different walks of life and people of all ages, a crowd so diverse, yet the subtle differences if any disappear as soon as the music starts.

Benjamin Anderson, Donna Marie Rutherdale, and Black Diamond's Jeff Nelson

What I personally loved was realizing that about half of us have known each other for over 20 years. And on top of that another large portion of us seemed to have kids around the same age, naturally having my daughter there made me more aware of it, but there were at least 3 friends with teenage daughters there, and we all pretty much looked at each other like " Our job here is done ".

Home made local ice cream and The Walking Papers! 

Myself and some good friends including local photographers Carolyn Frye and Jeff Cook and 
up and coming singer Amanda Hardy and music lover Charles Forkner

When you think of what family reunions and what they should be like, realize that you, like The Beatles, are wrong! This is what I call a family reunion! Pretty much every good photographer, artist, and fellow musician that was in town was on hand, and the support and love these guys have for each other is amazing.

One of Seattle's best and most loved bass players, Joe Dredd out supporting his long time friends

One of my favorite things to do at shows it to talk to the fans and people who happen to be around like this lady who just bought this guitar across the street 

I also loved that almost every person who I spoke to mentioned " well I really love The Missionary Position also "  Ben Anderson and Jeff Angell's other band, that was nice to hear, the comradery is there and that's what everyone is loving!

The Walking Papers are touring this summer with Alice in Chains, Jane's Addiction, you can buy Uproar Festival tickets for Washington State right here and for more information on other tour dates go to the following links, and don't forget to buy the Deluxe Edition that just came out, here or via I tunes at the link below

Special thanks to Easy Street Records

 For videos of The Walking Papers at Easy Street Records, and much much more! 

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