Thursday, September 26, 2013

One Last Time Baby! Basment Sessions Demos Plays This Saturday Saturday at Slim's Last Chance

I'm starting to get excited. The Ultra Super Secret Super Group known not so simply as Basment Sessions Demos Seattle is playing a supposed last show at Slim's Last Chance this Saturday the 28th.

For starters they are bringing Jack Endino and the rest of the Earthworm dudes, as well as a few surprise guests, and if that's not enough they have new shiny red vinyl for sale, a special limited edition much like my Dirty Dancing legwarmers, of Volume One and Volume Two of their super secret project. 

Also available at Easy Street Records in West Seattle, this promises to be a collectible album, a must have for any self respecting hippy, grunger, and/or musician who loves to collect great local music. You hippys and grungers in Italy and in France are welcome to order one as well, here is their link, leave a message and a big, hairy, jolly drummer dude will get your order!

Big Hairy Drummer Dude 
Adorable Ain't He? 

All joking aside, I can tell you I won't be missing this, especially since they are offering up Tequila and Tacos - A night at Slim's without trying some of their tasty half ass Mexican food is a wasted night! 

Nom Nom Nom! 

Naturally Seattle's own Godfather of Grunge, Jack Endino will be on hand, jumping in on a few songs and doing his producer thing, assuring great sound, I so only wish they had wi fi and that this cool but deserted area of SODO was not the Bermuda Triangle of wi fi, so there will sadly be no live streaming from Xanaland, but I will be getting what's sure to be epic video!

Here's Jack at The Gorge where Endino's Earthworm opened 
up for Duff McKagan's Walking Papers 

If all this is not enough to entice you, all the proceeds for this show go to the White Wolf Sanctuary in's a special message about that! 
( hilarious, please listen ) 

Save my ass, and go see this band! Said the wolf! 

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