Friday, October 18, 2013

Alice Cooper On The Muppets: Pre-Halloween Nostalgia on Xanaland

Now look, we all know there's nothing cooler than when a rock star hangs out with a muppet. 

One of the most endearing and humanizing things Alice cooper ever did was appear on The Muppets -- he even tried to get Kermit to sell his soul to the devil! 

Please enjoy part one... the set may look simple, but today everything is done with green screen and digitally, so imagine all the work that went into this! 

Here's part 2....

The costumes and puppet design are exquisite!  I wonder who has them all now! 

Then, Alice finally talks Miss Piggy into the deal with the devil, but she also turns into this bizarre bird! 

Then they add the Sci- Fi twist with the Pigs in Space.  The songs he performs are pretty cool as well, including a special version of "School's Out For Summer."  What could be more fun than Muppets in a mosh pit?!  Well, moshing, anyhow!  ... enjoy part 3!

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