Saturday, November 9, 2013

Creative Photographer Awards On Xanaland For November: Ted Gonzales....Winning!

He takes pride in his sobriety, his work, his daughter, and his love for Starbucks coffee, and he's one hell of a photographer! 

In fact, I'm thinking of contacting Starbucks myself, because I lost count at like 200 Starbucks related photographs and all very cool and creative. 
One thing I always notice about Ted's photographs is that he seems to be in a great mood-even while he's at work...actually especially while he's at work! 
He's been one of my best friends on social media for a couple of years now, and I always look forward to his photographs. He has a unique style and what can I say, that handsome face and that adorable mohawk just cant take a bad photo! Just look at that sweet mug, he is adorable!

He also has a special place in his heart for The Misfits, and Kiss, and of course his daughter who he takes great photos of and with regularly, she may not realize it now, today we are all photographers, and with technology kids take it for granite that camera phones are just the norm, well most of us ' adults ' have only a handful of cool photos of us with our parents in comparison. She will surely one day look back at his immense collection of photographs and be very grateful. I know I would be!

I think we need a soundtrack for viewing the rest of the photos! 

One thing I know for sure is that Ted is as good of a photographer as any professional, and him and his photographs will always be cherished in Xanaland, and maybe soon as a Starbucks coffee table book! 

Keep up the great attitude, sobriety and parenting Ted and never stop taking photographs, we love them! 

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