Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Xanaland Live Stream Schedule for November 2013

What's nice about having a drunk monkey is you get to blame everything on him. What's nice about having a sober monkey, is you can plan events and actually stick to a schedule! 

So here is our live stream/filming schedule for the remaining days of November: 

This Thursday the 7th:  Eternal Fair -- the poster is above -- we got to see them at the John Lennon Tribute Birthday Show in October and they are awesome! Totally excited for this show at The High Dive... 
Here is the event link to the show: 

Then, on the 8th, we will be right in our hood to see our good friends' band The Disco Cowboys for their 5-year Anniversary Party at The Feedback Lounge, these guys are the epitome of fun! 

Link to the event: 

On the 9th, we will be at The Can Can for the first time. Weather and parking costs permitted! This is our first time seeing this band as well, and we're always excited to see new music so we're really looking forward to this! Jackie Pock is supposed to be amazing! 

Link to event page: 

And of course we are super excited to be filming and live streaming another show at The Sunset Tavern on the 15th, especially with our beloved Godfather of Grunge, Jack Endino in Endino's Earthworm!

Link to show and details:  
This is also a record release show for Stag, and Roaming Herds of Buffalo are playing as well; if they're opening for Jack, you know they're probably amazing!

On the 16th, our dear friend Intisaar is having a birthday party and wrapping up her crowd fund for her new CD, so we will be promoting that as well as enjoying a night of some of our favorite singers, including Johndus Beckman, Glen Cannon, and Jake Carden -- party is at Shots and Scores in Lynnwood.

Here is the event page: 

It goes without saying that everyone in Seattle is delighted to get a night with The Missionary Position, featuring our beloved Jefferson Angell, "The Bee Charmer," and Benjamin Anderson, both of The Walking Papers, and of course Michael Alex -- Seattle's Most Adorable Drummer -- Fact, Not Opinion! Hwy. 99 Blues Club is a fantastic juke joint with to-die-for food, this will be an epic and historic night in Seattle! And a great way to kick off the Christmas season! This show is on November 29th

Details and ticket purchase link: 

Here's a sneak preview of The Missionary Position! 

And to wrap up our epic month of November, we have one last but not any less glorious show, the triumphant return of the one and only Travis Bracht! We love filming at The Feedback in West Seattle and we are sure to have crowd that is pretty much like family, more than 30 years of making and watching music all in one room. He never disappoints, so you won't want to miss this show and if you live out of town you won't want to miss this live stream! 

Here's a sneak preview of the magic of Travis! 

To see our live streams, simply go to our Live Performance page and if you have a smart phone it will go to your phone as well. 
It's free and no login is required! 

Have a great month and join us in supporting our wonderful local music scene! 

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