Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Holiday Treat From Mudhoney with a Custom Ice Cream and a Free Live Show at Full Tilt Ice Cream Parlor!

Photo by local singer Amanda Hardy. You can see us filming and live streaming 
from outside! Video link below! 

Every time I think I'm going to have a mellow week and get to sit around and knit a Witchburn sweater or work on Shawn Smith's hat, or make The Bee Charmer a jacket, I get whisked away to another must-see event! Luckily, this was very close to home.

Full Tilt Ice Cream shop owner Justin Cline and Mark Arm --
Mudhoney Ice Cream, available in select local stores soon! 

So the story goes that Full Tilt Ice Cream shop owner, 
Justin Cline, named an ice cream after Mudhoney. As an avid supporter of local music who lets new bands use his store to play small shows, and an ice cream connoisseur, it's clear that Justin appreciates the finer things in life -- like Mudhoney!  

 The final flavor they came up with together is honey cinnamon ice cream with a fudge swirl. The packaging features artwork from old Mudhoney albums. Pretty darned sweet! 

What would you do for a pint of Mudhoney?!

My "art pix" of the night of Danny. Hey, if I say it's "art," it's art! 

I have had a great year filming and live streaming Mudhoney 
this last year, at The Space Needle where they performed live for the 25-Year Sub Pop Jubilee, and at the live free shows that followed at The Mural and in Georgetown... so this was the perfect ending to a Mudhoney-filled year! 

Here are some of the art posters I have always loved. If we all support this (hint hint, this means go buy this ice cream immediately!) then perhaps the pint containers will become collectible! 

So without further delay, enjoy this epic live video of three songs from last night. I have the entire set recorded from our live stream as well as a few more videos that will be on the Xanaland youtube channels. We had viewers from all over the world watching and thanking us for sharing this special moment in Grunge History, and I think the kid in the front row is getting movie offers already -- he was cracking people up! Enjoy! 

Please visit Full Tilt Ice Cream Parlors at the following locations...

...and be sure to tell them Sancho the monkey sent you! 

9629 16th Ave SW
(between S Delridge Way & 98th St)
SeattleWA 98106
Neighborhood: White Center

4759 Brooklyn Ave NE
(between 47th St & 50th St)
SeattleWA 98105
Neighborhood: University District

5041 Rainier Ave S
Ste 105

(between Hudson St & S 39th Ave)
SeattleWA 98118
Neighborhood: Columbia City

5453 Leary Ave NW
(between Vernon Pl & Market St)
SeattleWA 98107
Neighborhood: Ballard

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