Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pink Floyd's The Wall Musicare Benefit, Omni Reunion Show, Missionary Position DVD Release, & New Years Eve with The Walking Papers: It's All Part of Xanaland's Holiday Rock & Roll Fantasy!

The wonderful year of 2013 is ending with a bang in Seattle! Here's a few of the events on our radar for the last 10 days of December:

Tonight, Thursday the 19th, I will be at The Feedback Lounge in West Seattle for the premier viewing of Black Dahlia's DVD of The Missionary Position. For those of us that can't get enough of this fantastic band, this will be a real treat -- the DVD is said to have 7 or more songs/videos that have until now not been seen in their final artistic form. So this should be interesting to say the least -- Black Dahlia's work is exquisite, and The Missionary Position with Jefferson Angell, Benjamin Anderson, and Michael Alex is unmatched when it comes to "bringing the sexy" to the stage! Join us if you're in the area between 7 and 9 p.m.  DVDs will be available to purchase and are already at local record stores like Easy Street Records. 

Tomorrow our stream team will be at The High Dive to support a benefit for a friend of Omni's Benny Gershman who was recently hit by a car on his bicycle. You can also help Benny by donating to his crowd fund on Go Fund Me to help with his medical bills. He is a great supporter of local music and could really use and deserves the help right now. 
Link is here:

So, other than the charitable aspect of this, I can say without a doubt that this will be a great night musically, because some of the best musicians in town are playing, and let's just say some of our more "interesting" local personalities will be there! If you cannot attend, be sure to tune into our free live stream at 9:00 p.m. Seattle time. 
Link to the show for details:

This Saturday we are getting a real treat! As most of you know, one of Xanaland's favorite bands is The Guessing Game. We also follow Kathy Moore around like lost puppies. She really is amazing and this will be a historic night for Musiccares with special guests  Chris Friel and Kim Virant! This is the 11th Annual Double Album Benefit, so it's for a great cause as well as, like I said, bound to make history. So, needless to say, we are happy to provide a free live stream for this -- but if you cannot make it, just go to our live page at 9:00 p.m. here on Xanaland on the "Live Performance" page on the main site. 

Here is the link to the show for more details:

Then for our finale, we are super excited to be spending our New Year's with the Walking Papers. This is going to be such a special show, and we will be writing about it again after Christmas. It's almost sold out, though, so better get your tickets now! We would love to stream this for everyone and are still waiting on the final okay from the bands. 
Link below the poster to buy tickets.... Be extra good to yourself and others this holiday!

Walking Papers preview: 

Do you dare miss this show?!

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