Saturday, December 21, 2013

Restore the Rainier "R" and Bring Back the Bush! ...Among Other Glorious Moments of 2013

What a wonderful year for music in Seattle. Once again, the best music in the world is flowing freely from a collection of amazingly talented musicians. They are not only eclectic and diverse in their many styles, but so genuine, kind, and supportive of one another; it's apparent in every benefit and through generous gestures of many that there is a deep respect of Seattle music past, present, and future.

Jefferson Angell a.k.a. "Junior" a.k.a. "The Bee Charmer"

For certain, Jefferson Angell of Walking Papers has made such a deep mark on music this last year, it will never be the same. He and Benjamin Anderson's other band, The Missionary Position, are equally exciting, and in the next two weeks, Seattle will get a chance to see both. We are spoiled, I tell you! And yes, he does have a heart the size of Texas. 

Jack Endino with Endino's Eathworm 

Jack Endino shocked the world with not only doing his usual wizard producing but by forming one of the best new bands in Seattle, Endino's Earthworm.  They played one killer show after the next, including Sub Pop's 25-Year Jubilee show, also featuring Mudhoney and including a show on top of The Space Needle that was beyond epic. 

Andrew Vait with Eternal Fair and below performing " Mother  "
at a John Lennon Tribute show 

New young super talents like Andrew Vait, Jason Kerston, and Amanda Hardy are securing the future of a never-ending legacy of  local talent. There are also lots of new photographers popping up and doing amazing work and working very hard to support local music, like Carolyn Frye -- we really love her work and she's one spunky monkey... what's more fun that that, seriously?  

Walking Papers at Easy Street Records 
with friends and photographers Carolyn Frye on the left and Jeff Cook 
below me. 

Guitar Goddess Kathy Moore

Kathy Moore, who records and plays with BRAD, Satchel, and The Guessing Game, has been blowing Seattle away this year, and we cannot wait to see what 2014 brings for her. Check out this video and you'll see what I mean. She's a firecracker and has been jamming with some other legendary local musicians like Chris Friel and Kim Virant. Tonight you can see them at the 11th Annual Double Album Benefit Show for Musicare performing The Wall at The Tractor Tavern. 

Last night Xanaland filmed and live streamed an event for a friend of  the band OMNI who was recently in an accident and injured on his bicycle. They played the show as a benefit to help raise money for him, and the reunion, after a 5-year absence from the stage, was a wonderful treat for for us all. They are musicians of the highest caliber and really showed their talent and generosity with this benefit. It's not too late to help Benny Gershman, who is a great local drummer and supporter of local music. Just go to the link below to donate to his crowd fund.

Omni live at The High Dive:

With all this and many more splendid events of 2013 that bring many of us full circle, it is indeed very fitting that the Rainier "R" be restored! 

How incredibly lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place full of hard-working people, with traditions that bind us as a city, and devotion to great times with great friends!

102.5 KZOK staff helps "Restore the R" ! 

As for bringing back the bush, that's your decision to make girls -- I stay out of other peoples' grooming habits ever since that one weekend in Havana with Weird Al! 

This video happens to be hilarious though! 

 We love our women with or without the bush, we love our Hawks and we love Rainier beer!  Thank you for a great year, Seattle, and for restoring the "R,"  and all that all of you do to support our amazing local music scene. We all look forward to more of the same great music, art, and examples of humor, compassion and generosity in 2014!

Please drink responsibly or don't drink at all, and don't be a chode and drink and drive.

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