Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Acoustic Kisses For Everyone at The Feedback Lounge's "KISS Unplugged" Show!

Hosted by Seattle's infamous Joe Dredd, I think the common opinion at the end of the night was "Thanks, I now love KISS even more," or "I really wasn't that into KISS, but heard acoustically, I really enjoyed the music."  Not surprising, since the stage was filled at any given moment with some of the best and most adored musicians in Seattle. 

Let's face it, what's not to love about a stage full of guys who all love the same band?  No matter how silly the love of the band KISS may be to the rest of us, you gotta love their dedication. I mean these guys LOVE the band KISS.  

A dedicated KISS fan pumps up the band 

Duffy Delgado at The Feedback Lounge 

Duffy Delgado singing his heart out covering "Beth" 

I remember being afraid of Gene Simmons as a kid. I had such an awful dream about him that I remember it to this day. Then I met The Lovechild. Landrew loved Paul Stanley and KISS. It was the first concert he and his brother, Kevin Wood, went to. According to Andy, this was the moment he decided to become a star. I knew from that time to never speak badly about KISS. Just like he knew better not to say a bad word about The Cult to me! 

Landrew the Lovechild 

So, needless to say, it's a little special for me when I get to see old friends of Andy's performing KISS. I think he would have loved this show and surely would have been there if he could, maybe even sang a little! I must say I do have a new-found appreciation for a band I once thought of as a novelty act and certainly never looked at with much interest other than their costumes, besides, that dream still creeps me out to this day...

Malfunkshun with Kevin Wood, Landrew, and Regan Hagar 

Russ Stefanovich 
We'll give you three guesses who his favorite 
guitar player is, but you will only need one!

Also joining the band on this night was one of my favorite local guitar players, Russ Stefanovich. He is just the coolest guy, funny as hell, and a great guitar player who I've been lucky enough to see a few times this winter. He plays as if he's playing specifically to the angel of Randy Rhodes, something we don't mind at all...

Chris Gohde of My Sister's Machine. Let's just say if you missed 
out on this era of local music in Seattle, then boo hoo for you! 

And Chris Gohde, formerly of My Sister's Machine, a band that's a huge part of Seattle music history... this guy is always so nice, and when people know he's playing, they are there! Especially for KISS inspired shows! Another interesting musician is the guitar player from KMFDM. One of my favorite singers, William Wilson, who lives here, is now singing for Legion Within. So I've never actually seen KMFDM, but from what I could tell, it was slightly like getting a royal visit. Here he is playing guitar on an acoustic version of "I was made for loving you." 

The crowd goes wild! There must be a bunch of secret KISS fans in the KISS Army present for this epic acoustic tribute show.

The Half Retard Bass Player Strikes Again! 
Joking, it's just my brother Joe Dredd

The finale video -- you can see more from this show by going to and subscribing to our youtube channel:

Dedicated to all the star children who live for rock and roll

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