Friday, January 31, 2014

Break on Through to February with The Mothership & Van Eps at The Jet Bar

There just ain't no sunshine when Sancho's gone. And that goes for Johndus Beckman, too -- It's been 14 days, 4 hours and 7 minutes since I've heard his  angelic voice, and Sancho is about to freak the f*ck out! It's bad enough The Mustache keeps slithering in and out of Seattle undetected, under the Xanaland radar, and by the time The Rooster comes around, I'll be 64. The Bee Charmer keeps splitting town on us. Thank goodness that Johndus is around, or I think a bunch of us would be going crazy this winter. It's crazy artists like him that keep the rest of us sane. 

And Van Eps -- forget about it! The last time I saw them, I fainted like a Beatles fan girl, kind of like New Year's Eve with Walking Papers. So we're extra excited to get a chance to see them and get some great video! 

Pleas join us at The Jet in Mill Creek, and for you poor souls who don't live in The Great Northwest, you can tune in to our FREE live stream right here on Xanaland on our "Live Performance" page. 

Have a magical and mysterious weekend, Seattle! 


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