Saturday, January 4, 2014

Can't-Miss Seattle Show! The Missionary Position & Back Alley Barbers at The Hwy. 99 Blues Club

This little guy has brought Seattle so much joy. We don't call him "The Bee Charmer" for nothing! The Walking Papers' Jefferson Angell, and Benjamin Anderson, who plays keyboard in both bands, will be treating Seattle to a rare show on the 10th of January at The Hwy. 99 Blues Club. I say "rare" because they both have been touring the globe with the Walking Papers for a straight year or more. 

They played at The Hwy. 99 Blues Club for New Year's Eve to a sold out crowd, and I'm guessing anyone who was there will be at this upcoming show if they possibly can. It goes without saying to
their fans that Michael Alex, the drummer for The Missionary Position, has been greatly missed, and for fans of  both bands, he is unquestionably Seattle's most adorable drummer.... Fact, not opinion!

Xanaland is happy to be providing a free live stream of the show.  Simply go to the "Live Performance" page on the home pages. We will be live at announced time on the page, usually about 9:00 p.m.

Show teaser! 

Link to buy tickets: 

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