Saturday, January 11, 2014

Seattle School of Rock ~ Fall Concert Series 2013 Performs "Lost Heroes of Grunge" Tonight at The Crocodile!

Only around 13, but quite a serious little singer with great stage presence.

I couldn't be more proud -- as a fan of Seattle bands and as a parent who thinks that there is nothing more important than music and art being a big part of every child's life.

The new grunge kids on the block learning Stardog Champion 

Seattle's School of Rock is not new, and grunge-themed shows have been a favorite of the kids who participate, and of course are special to those of us in Seattle who have either seen and/or knew some of the bands. I had the opportunity to go and watch them rehearse and to meet the kids.

A positive, comfortable, and creative environment is what kids find at Seattle's School of Rock 

The comradery was adorable, and some of their conversations had me cracking up. Such serious little musicians, and already telling stories of past shows, comparing instruments, and  talking as if they've been in a band for years. 

A previous grunge and Jimi Hendrix themed show from the past, I would have loved to see it! 

This fall's season, which runs into January, includes the following schedule which began last night. Tonight at The Crocodile Cafe is the Heroes of Grunge show which Xanaland will be filming and providing a free live stream for. This is extra special for me since they will be performing a song by Mother Love Bone. They weren't quite nailing it at rehearsal but I blame myself -- I had envisioned being there for all the rehearsals and doing what Andy had done when they were teaching the children's choir how to sing Stardog Champion. He and the producer, Terry Date, had a big white poster board with ' Da Da Da Do Daaa " on it in huge black letters. 

Some very interesting art on their walls which I will be doing a blog on at a later time!

I was only able to attend one rehearsal, so sadly, my re-creation never too place! But I was extremely moved by the whole experience and thrilled to be involved and able to help in any capacity. The staff is wonderful and patient as are the dedicated parents that make sure their kids are involved with music and support their growth as possible future musicians.

What a great way for kids to use up all that energy! 

 In fact, they have a toddlers' music program called "Little Wing" which I will be blogging about next week as well as posting video from the show tonight. I wish School of Rock was around when I was a kid -- I'd be a rock star today! 

I saw this kid pick up at least 3 instruments-he's the real deal.

Here is the upcoming schedule:

Tune in here at 5:30 p.m. tonight for the free live stream~ simply go to our "Live performance" page on the main pages. No Facebook or other login required and it works on all smart phones. Here's a preview -- this will really crack you up if you're familiar with the band Gruntruck! 

Adorable alert! 

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  1. On the last video, I guess it's Tad with Grease Box not Gruntruck. Thanks for the post!