Monday, January 20, 2014

Seattle's School of Rock Performs Pink Floyd at The Nectar Lounge

In the background, you could hear cheering from the parents and friends that could not help but sneak a peek at the Seahawks game, but as it turns out, this put the crowd in a great mood and the show went smoothly, was produced with ease and professionalism by the always hardworking and kind staff from School of Rock Seattle, and the performances were out of this world. 

"Eclipse" performed by School of Rock Seattle 

Parents kept asking me, "Which one is your kid?" I explained that I was there with friends and that I'd been starting to film and live stream the shows and rehearsals to document for them and the school. They seemed grateful. Although a pretty eclectic crowd and a full one at that, I must be the rarity as someone who's not personally involved with the school through their own children. Very lucky children, I might add! It's everything I thought it would  be and more, and I'm looking forward to working with them as much as I can in the future. 

I'm also learning a lot about the structure of the school and how the kids are musically groomed from a sort of "intro-level" to a level that they are ready to perform. This particular group was excellent in that manner. Hats off to the instructors and, of course, to the kids who worked so hard. 

School of Rock Seattle performing "Breathe" 

There was something I noticed that is still cracking me up, which is that almost every kid reminded me of a famous musician. This one guitar player was totally like a young Stone Gossard. The adorable baby-faced kid reminded me of what you'd imagine Billy Corgan to have looked and behaved like as a teenager. Another guitar player reminded me of James Iha of The Smashing Pumpkins. The female drummer could be a teenage version of Seattle's Lush Tones' Eva Dizon. It went on and on. One tiny guitar player reminded me of Eric Clapton. You will see what I mean when you watch the videos -- it's too funny and I think people will see what I mean!

In true character with many bands, the various style, size and age of the kids makes it really fun. The diversity in personal style coming together to cover Pink Floyd... forget about it! It just doesn't get any better than this for a music lover! Their own unique style came together wonderfully and their small artistic gestures they added to their own show and appearance did not go unnoticed, especially by me... the seamstress of the band approves!

Please enjoy one more video from the show -- I will be posting this and the rest of the videos and photos on the School of Rock Seattle's Facebook page as well as on their webpage. Xanaland was happy to provide a free live stream for this show and hopes to have a great working relationship with the school in the future. We're looking forward to the summer season and seeing what the next generation of local musicians are doing with all they have learned. 

Please go to our youtube channel to see more School of Rock performances

For the schedule for the rest of this season's shows and for information on enrollment for School of Rock, go to the following link:

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