Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Next Generation of Stardog Champions Rock The Croc!

I can't say enough good things about The School of Rock. For musicians and those of us that love music it's a dream come true to see children of such a tender age come to appreciate and understand the music we grew up listening to.

As if that isn't special enough, to see these little whippersnappers sing songs by bands that you actually knew was fantastic. It was apparent from the teary eyed parents that this was very special. A few of them tried to act cool and play it down, but the majority of the large crowd was people that it clearly meant a lot to and as I moved around to take photos I'd heard someone say " I remember seeing Andy sing this at The Central " , and someone else was recalling seeing Mudhoney for the first time at age 16. 

Lost Hero's of Grunge Show 
at The Crocodile
Stardog Champion

Stardog Champions in the making, and most importantly having fun, it could be the single best thing a kid could do in times like these... put down the phone and the video games and pick up a book or pick up an instrument.

 We look forward to seeing what transpires in the lives of these budding musicians, I'm sure the experience they have at School of Rock will stick with them forever and allow them to develop into adults that cherish music and respect its history~good and bad. 

Hey Hey My My ( out of the blue )
performed at Lost Hero's of Grunge show 
Crocodile Cafe 

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