Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Watch Vaudeville Etiquette's Album Pre~Release Show Via Free Live Stream & See Them Live on King 5 New Day Northwest!

That's right kittens! If you cannot attend the live show at The Tractor, then you can watch it right here on our ' Live Performance ' page and also see them on King 5 Friday morning at 11:00 am Seattle time. You can also get free studio tickets Thursday morning by contacting

We had the pleasure of seeing Vaudeville Etiquette at The Sunset Tavern a few weeks ago, performing Fleetwood Mac's ' Rumors '  and it was quite something, probably one of the liveliest shows I've seen in a while. The also recently opened for Walking Papers at Jazzbone's in Tacoma, which we sadly missed. So those of us that haven not seen them performing their own tunes are quite anxious and excited. Come on down to The Tractor Tavern in Ballard Friday night the 21st and celebrate the upcoming release of Debutantes & Dealers due for release on April 15th. The 300 people in attendance will have a chance to buy the CD two months early!

Also performing are The Swearengens , who call their music ' Vampire Country ' ,  ( this should be interesting, I've been dying to wear my new garlic necklace and veneer fangs ) and The Weatherside Whiskey Band, their name tells you if your on the wagon-- be careful, things may get slippery! I've had the privilege of filming many times in Ballard and I can say from experience filming every weekend for 2 years, that it's probably the best neighborhood at this time for music lovers, the entire community is filled with good eats and great live music on weekends, and I can also tell you this is where most of the cool kids in Seattle will be this weekend! So join us, or join us by tuning into the free live stream.

 Click on the monkey to get to the LIVE page! 

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