Friday, March 28, 2014

Watch The Mothership via Live Stream Tonight at The Crocodile Cafe in Seattle!

It's the silky moment we've all been waiting for! Tonight in Seattle -- for all of our out-of-town friends and those not able to attend, you can watch the show here via live stream for free! Just click on the image below, or go to our 'Live Performance' page on the main Xanaland website~link at the top of the page.

Now, I want to say that after being in the music scene in Seattle, and seeing some of the best bands formed right before my eyes, that this is one of the only bands I've seen in years that has the heaviness a great rock band brings, as well as the melodic force that can only be accomplished by great songwriting. Tight, hard, heavy, sexy and iced with the chilling voice of  frontman Johndus Beckman.

Come celebrate the release of their new CD, Bright Side of Dim, tonight at the Crocodile. Brought to you by KISW's Loud & Local and streamed courtesy of Streambox and Shine Music Project via Xanaland

Thursday, March 13, 2014

See Jack, See Jack Endino's Earthworm Live Stream From Slim's Last Chance Tonight! * Saturday March 15th *

Artwork by Rob Morgan

Hey Seattle folks and friends around the world! I thought with the horribly sad news about the "accident" at SXSW last night, we could all use some good news, so I'm posting this early -- please note that this is for Saturday, the 15th of March. 

 I am wondering if their live stream of Soundgarden tonight from SXSW will include something about what happened there. I would not be surprised if The Mustache himself said something to the crowd. Many of us have friends who traveled down there and we can assume all of those people were planning on attending Soundgarden today. It could have easily been someone we all know.

Our thoughts are with the families of the victims... we can only hope that from this,  other music festivals and festival goers will learn a valuable lesson.

That being said, meanwhile here in Seattle... the band Endino's Earthworm is one of the most interesting projects in music right now. Some surprises are expected, too, from drummer Johnny's other project (also featuring production by Jack and occasional cameos), Basment Sessions Demos Seattle. We can't tell you who's in the band; it's an ever-evolving project that's gaining lots of unexpected attention with its local all~star jam and recording sessions. 

Musicians from far and wide are known to stop by for their famous secret BBQs, and what has developed is an ongoing feast of music. Not your average band by any means! 

Photo by Niffer Calderwood 

Opening are Trees & Timber and Seattle's infamous Rob Morgan in The Gum. Join us at Slim's Last Chance and if you're out of town or cannot make it, you can tune into the FREE LIVE STREAM right here on our LIVE PERFORMANCE page.
Or you can click right here on the monkey! 

Have a wonderful and safe weekend wherever you are this weekend!