Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Musicians for Oso at Jazzbones with The Mothership, Jason Kertson, & Jamie Nova Band

Jamie Nova Band with Rick Friel 

There's one great way for local musicians & artists to help with this horrible tragedy and that's to give their art away, and play their music for free! It's really what most of the local bands end up doing so much, and we all appreciate it! This is a great lineup, so be sure to buy your tickets now, and bring extra money to buy the band's CDs -- that way, you're helping the bands make up for their expenses as well! I know I for one need a new Mothership t~shirt! 

The Mothership, whose new CD, Bright Side of Dim,
is blowing away everyone who hears it! 
Do not miss this chance to see them live! 
I'm talking to you Tacoma! 

Also opening are Black Powder Country 

And Antihero 

Jamie Nova of Witchburn has long been playing acoustic shows with local guitar hero J.T. Phillips, and adding Rick Friel to the band has got to make it one of the most interesting all-star jams happening this year, and Jason Kertson has just returned from L.A. where he's been gigging with a side project with some all-star kids: the daughter of Duff McKagan, Grace, and the nephew of Sean Kinney of Alice in Chains in The Pink Slips. Longtime fans, friends, and family of Jason prefer to see him in the spotlight where he belongs, though! So this is going to be great fun! 

Jason Kertson 

You can by tickets directly through Jazzbones here: 

And you can watch the show via live stream right here on Xanaland's Live Performance page: 


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Watch Vaudeville Etiquette & Special Guest Barrett Martin via Free Live Stream Tonight!

We've streamed them twice already, and filmed some historic video with them and Sir Barrett Martin once before...and now their CD release party is here! We are happy and proud to be part of the art in providing a free live stream for this show which is at Seattle's Crocodile which you can watch on our ' Live Performance ' page right here on Xanaland. Live stream will begin as announced on our home page on Facebook and on the live page, usually around 10:00 p.m. 

 Be sure to check out their new CD Debutantes & Dealers available at stores worldwide and online now! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Watch Some Acoustic Music Tonight! At Troubadour Tuesdays at Slim's with Glen Cannon, Travys Starr, Jake Carden, & JT Phillips ~ LIVE via Xanaland's Free Stream

Broke? Lazy? Out of state? No problem!
Watch some of the best musicians in town via free live stream right here on Xanaland

Go to our 'Live Performance' page at 7:00 p.m. 
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