Friday, May 9, 2014

Watch Guessing Game & Shawn Smith via Free Live Stream Tonight From The Sunset Tavern in Ballard!

Guessing Game at The Sunset last month, Photo by Jason Tang

Well, that glorious day is upon us! The long-awaited CD release show of The Guessing Game is tonight and that electric feeling is all around! There are many shows tonight in Seattle -- in fact, Guessing Game's Gary Westlake is playing a benefit earlier in the evening for the victims of the Oso mudslide -- although Gary's in high demand, we just hope his two-timing ways don't affect his performance tonight! Joking of course, he could play all day and evening and still be amazing.... He's probably playing his guitar right now! And since that is much earlier in the evening, we fully expect the crowd to migrate over to The Sunset Tavern for this! 

Flight to Mars show with Mike McCready, Tim DeJulio and Gary Westlake
Photo by Jason Tang 

And Kathy Moore of  Guessing Game... if I say any more nice stuff about her, people will think I'm in love!  It's my personal goal to get every friend to watch her play; this is why we're happy to provide this free stream for out-of-towners and people who can't make it to all the cool shows tonight!  To miss these performers is a crime, I say! Tickets are still available for tonight, by the way! Here is the link to The Sunset Tavern

Shawn Smith at The Showbox last year ~ photo by Bill Mattson

Opening for Guessing Game tonight is Seattle's legendary Shawn Smith, and if you don't know who he is, or how special he is to me and all of Seattle, then you're an idiot, you have no business reading this, and I should fire my publicist... but he's an exotic special monkey for which we have many other uses, so I guess things even out! 

To watch our FREE live stream of this show, go to our Live Performance page here on Xanaland 

Show teasers~ 

Guessing Game 

Shawn Smith with Justin Davis 

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  1. Congratulations guys on your new CD release! I have my copy!! love it!!! love you guys! awesome musicians!!!!!

    Kelly Goins, Okemos, Michigan